How much did you buy your used/like new EVO 3D for?General

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  1. tracerit

    tracerit Well-Known Member

    I'm still rocking the EVO 4G and my contract is ending this month. I was thinking about just keeping the EVO 4G until the new quad core phones come out in early 2012 (supposedly) so I can use my new price credit, but after a quick browse on craigslist, it seems EVO 3Ds can be had for about $350-400 which isn't bad at all. I mean if I sell my EVO 4G and accessories (mianly batteries), I can probably get $160-200 for them so really I can get a Evo 3D for about $200 and NOT renew my contract.

    So I'm wondering if these $350-400 prices are realistic or not?

  2. Spartanzz

    Spartanzz Well-Known Member

    well got pretty lucky keeping my old evo 4G. I got my upgrade on my 3D for $200. Then i popped my old 4g on craigslist and some kid bought it for $160 so technically i only paid $40 for my 3D! Which before i sold my 4g i thought the 3D was worth every penny. But, when i sold the 4G it made it worth it even more. THEN i rooted my 3D now i absolutely fell in love with it AGAIN seeing how im getting 2 days of battery life out of it :)
  3. Tyler Perez

    Tyler Perez Well-Known Member

    bought my 3d for 600 the day it came out... still have my 4g... if they come out with quad cores, i'll be sure to get one of those the day it comes out too... it all just depends on how much it's worth to you... i love both of my evos
  4. kenn

    kenn Well-Known Member

    3Ds are going for about $ 350 in like new condition in the Austin, TX area. People are asking up to $400, but those aren't moving.
  5. zippy

    zippy Well-Known Member

    $150 on Craigslist, brand new, sealed, never activated & contract free! :) Lovin it, but the Samsung Galaxy S II has gotten my attention ;)
  6. chris20nyy

    chris20nyy Active Member

    Got my EVO 3d 5 days after released used for $240. Guy was hard up to sell it. It only had 47 minutes usage.
  7. MistaOuija

    MistaOuija Member

    new 150 at wal mart online - a month had it at the same price also
  8. kenn

    kenn Well-Known Member

    I've noticed that Evo 3Ds are selling really cheap around me on Craigslist. Some are as low as 275 with a (supposedly) clean ESN like new in the box. Ebay sales are in the mid to high 200s for used devices.

    That's awfully cheap since that is less than a $50 delta between the 3D and the OG Evo...

    It doesn't make sense given that it's dual core and "current gen" along with the photon and ET4G...
  9. madmax2k1

    madmax2k1 Member

    I think it's because it has a bad reputation for reception and battery life and the over-hyping of the Epic Touch.
  10. silex

    silex Member

    I fell "victim" to one of these so called "cheap" Evos. Joke... It was a good deal for $250, but the above poster was right regarding reception. My 3G speeds suck real bad! Removing the proxy servers did not help at all. Battery life is good enough to get me through the day, but I use a few saving measures like Screebl and Wifi Proximity.
  11. BigCiX

    BigCiX Well-Known Member

    Its going for $99 at radioshack. At least in my area.
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  12. kenn

    kenn Well-Known Member

    The price of used, "clean esn" devices continues to plummet. They are selling on ebay for $250 at times and there are a few locally on c-list in that range and slightly below...

    Is there that much demand for the new epic touch 4G that everyone is bailing? This is a rock-solid dual core phone!
  13. Andy in NY

    Andy in NY Well-Known Member

    im looking to sell my 8 month old evo 3d with 4 cases, invisishield, car dock and car charger. what is a fair price?
  14. C21Realtor

    C21Realtor Active Member

  15. IOWA

    IOWA Mr. Logic Pants Moderator

    Whatever someone is willing to pay for it. Then again, I'm a firm believer in free market. Just don't cheat anyone and it's all kosher :D
  16. probinson

    probinson Well-Known Member

    I'm going to let my ignorance show a little. Let's say I'm Joe Blow and I buy an unlocked EVO. What can I do with it? Is my only option to get Sprint service without a contract? Thanks.
  17. jerofld

    jerofld Fixing stuff is not easy VIP Member

    People buy uncontracted phones for two reasons:

    1) The person wants to upgrade but is under contract, so they must buy it at full price or through some other market.

    2) They don't want to be under contract.

    If you don't mind being in a contract for 2 years and are not under a contract already, then there is no point.
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  18. tomatoxflames

    tomatoxflames Active Member

    the first one i got in Sept, 2011 i paid $220, for used, in the box with all orig. accessories. The one i got last month i paid $180 for just the phone and battery, but it had only an hour and a half of use on it (dont ask my why there was no box or SD.. the seller is a cop so im not worried, nor do i care, who honestly needs the box and documentation anyways?)

    As of 4/2012 in the NYC area on craigslist they go for $200-$250
  19. blwnv8

    blwnv8 Member

    I'm in florida and they're going anywhere from $65 with a broken screen or bad esn to $300. The higher prices ones aren't moving. The average price I see is around $150-225. I just bought my gf one for $159 bout a week ago. It came with a slightly used black evo 3d, stock battery and aftermarket home/car chargers. I hate cheap chargers though. I bought mine 2 days ago. I got a lnib white 3d with 2 stock batteries, factory charger, otterbox defender case and holster, all boxes/paperwork/receipts for warranty. I got mine for $150. Guy posted it on craigslist and I found it bout 2 mins after he posted it. Gotta love craigslist. Now if it wasn't for all the ******s your have to weed through and the spam emails.
  20. BUSTOS82

    BUSTOS82 New Member

    I got mine for $180 white version. Got it with 4 extra batt, extended batt, batt charger, extra back cover and rubber case. I think i got a good deal for it. lol!
  21. steveu694

    steveu694 Well-Known Member

    Ok, fellas.... I pre-ordered my Galaxy S3. In August of '11 the EVO 3D was Sprint's best phone, but the 3D thing never clicked. I got it anyway over the Photon and regular EVO. I am awaiting delivery of a line I added (GS3) to get a discount and plan on cancelling my EVO line. What's my best bet? I think people are saying Sprint will give me $90. Should I go that route for less headache?... or try Craig's List or ebay for another $50 or so? Any feedback will be apreciated.

    Also, If I did sell it to a regular person, all I have to do is reset it to factory specs and erase the memory card? I also have an otterbox defender and 3500 MAH battery too.

    Help me out!
  22. marctronixx

    marctronixx Moderator Moderator

    moved your question here so you can get an idea of what the worth is.

    i would sell it on craigslist/third party since you have accessories. Sprint will not give you any credit for accessories and they are worth zero without the handset.

    and yes, factory reset, format the SD card and make sure the phone is totally removed off your account and the ESN is clean and clear.
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