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How much did you pay for your G1?General

  1. HTC

    HTC Well-Known Member

    without activation? I just got mine for $405 no tax from an asian cellphone store. Whats the cheapest price they have out there?

  2. GelezzOnezNV

    GelezzOnezNV Member

    $179 new customer price
  3. killer3160

    killer3160 Well-Known Member

  4. ckthunda

    ckthunda Member

    Paid 423.00 that was with the tax in baltimore
  5. mkde

    mkde Member

    Technically I haven't paid anything yet as the charge has thus far not shown up on my bill. :confused:

    I had to go with $300 option, though, because I had already "upgraded" to the HTC Wing about seven months ago. What a waste of money that was.
  6. GelezzOnezNV

    GelezzOnezNV Member

    They tried to pull that $300 on me, and I got upset and threatened to leave! :rolleyes: $179!!!
  7. RyanM

    RyanM Member

    Too much, but its worth it :D
  8. Syrax

    Syrax Well-Known Member

    $317.99 before taxes kicked my ass . . . 1 year contract though. Sorry I can't do 2 years.
  9. cubby27

    cubby27 Member

    I had "upgraded" to a run-of-the-mill Motorola V90 earlier this year, and T-Mobile quoted me a $299 price for the G1. I paid it.

    I should have threatened to cancel our service, but it would have been completely empty -- my wife and I have no desire to leave T-Mobile.

    So far it seems to be worth the $299.
  10. s2kver02

    s2kver02 New Member

    Free if you work for T-mobile....

    I have 2 Bronze G1 brand new in box.
  11. porquepine

    porquepine Well-Known Member

    $299.99 Plus applicable Sales Taxes. I used a partial upgrade. My spouse is going to be able to get a full upgrade on November 11th ($179.00)
  12. blazinyella

    blazinyella Active Member

    lmao i threatened to leave too..paid $179..i get all my phones buy threatening to leave....lol
  13. Flatman

    Flatman Well-Known Member

    After some "convincing", I got mine for $179, even though I was not up for a full upgrade yet. I had to go through the customer loyalty department to get that override...
  14. magicoemy2kx

    magicoemy2kx New Member

    Hi HTC,
    i'm Italian i I would like to buy a G1. that is the asia website where i can buy it at 400$USD?
    Thanks a lot
  15. yunlin12

    yunlin12 Member

    Upgraded with $179 price from T-Mo. I'm at the end of my 22nd month on my last 2 year contract. The timing is great, only if T-Mo's inventory cooperated. At least the Walmart hadn't started carrying it at the rumored $148 price in store yet. That would've driven me crazy.
  16. Poundex

    Poundex Member

    Nothing:) Came free with (
  17. busipaln

    busipaln New Member

    Same Here

    Free of Charge, just had to sign a
  18. devolio

    devolio Well-Known Member

    Way too much. No contract, full retail.
  19. Trauma Hawk

    Trauma Hawk Member

    179.00 with upgrade or 2 year contract:(
  20. $150 with free bluetooth eargear an' all the fixins. Nyc tmobile / att resellers. Of course the two year contract.... and I agreed to do the unlimited data plan....yeeeeHaw, streaming music! (But where is my pandora? Alas a flash interface....)
  21. GMONEY

    GMONEY Member

    I paid 179 each. I got two though.
  22. scho

    scho Member

    Got mine free as an upgrade, They wanted over
  23. franlofter

    franlofter Member

    $139 1 Year contract
  24. niftydl

    niftydl Member

    $260 from a local craigslist. Unlocked and running on ATT. The girl wanted her Sidekick again.. haha! :D
  25. richard7791

    richard7791 Member

    Traded my blackberry 8230 curve that I paid 23 dollars for after rebate plus 180 cash = 203 dollars. Not bad!

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