How much did you spend?

  1. Sainix

    Sainix Well-Known Member

    Waiting for my Evo to come in at Best buy, and was just wondering how much did you guys pay for you'r Evo with tax. I live in Orange County cali, just want to see what im looking at because i heard some stuff about fee's or extra charges i have no clue what or why.

  2. lamboh

    lamboh Well-Known Member

    if you[re already with sprint...and upgrading...after you get your in and ask for the 70 dollar loyalty credit..its a premier customer perk...and see about getting the activation fee credited...first months bill shuold be like 25
  3. MikeyM718

    MikeyM718 Active Member

    Bought mine the other day off CL for 380 brand new. Figured I had a 1 year upgrade which would've cost me $375 from Sprint, but I'd add 2 years on top of my 1 which means no new phone discount for 3 years so I went on CL and got a good deal imo. Now I can still upgrade in a year to an Evo 2! :)
  4. lamboh

    lamboh Well-Known Member

    If u have the evo...thats mean youre eligible for upgrade every year and get new contract price...another perk of premier customer...i do every year...actually every 11 months or so
  5. darkleafar

    darkleafar Well-Known Member

    Im a premier customer! I had no idea about this 70 dollar credit. I bought two Evos. Does that mean I get two credits? More info please! What number do I call?
  6. lamboh

    lamboh Well-Known Member

    from what i understand..just call cs and theyshould be able to apply it........i also think u can get it on both this forum...i believe i read on here

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