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  1. ankit360

    ankit360 New Member

    i m planing to buy this phone but it has 768 mb ram. can anybody who using this phone tell me how much free ram u get after boot this phone ?

  2. Syphadeus

    Syphadeus Active Member

    I have one on it's way in the post to me. I should have it on Wednesday. If nobody has replied by then I'll make sure to let you know.
  3. wearethestorm

    wearethestorm Well-Known Member

    After turning it off and on, looking in the task manager, mine starts at 276 out of 555MB, but generally sits near 400 after use. Looking in running services it says: 172MB used, 349MB free.

    Is that what you're after?
  4. ankit360

    ankit360 New Member

    i m confused :confused:

    u want to say u have less ram after start but u get more free after some time ?

    can u plz post screenshot ?
  5. ono

    ono Member

    Mine starts at 258 out of 555 after reboot.

    I think wearethestorm is saying he gets less free ram after use (it uses 276 and then 400 after a while)
  6. wearethestorm

    wearethestorm Well-Known Member

    Yep you got it. Starts at 276 on boot up and after use generally sits at around 400...

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