how much longer will you keep your Fascinate?

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  1. nader2013

    nader2013 Well-Known Member

    Really? More Samsung after the debacle they have created with the all of Galaxy S phones? No more Sammy for me that's for sure.

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  2. NOsquid

    NOsquid Well-Known Member

    The "debacle" was froyo, and Samsung's history with software updates was well known going in. Still the best hardware. I loved this phone even on Eclair. SGS2 FTW!
  3. Gibbyson

    Gibbyson Well-Known Member

    it's mainly about the HW for me, SW can always be changed/updated, or whatever, Froyo, heh, i am not very hot and bothered about that. You have to understand.

    1. they aren't a SW company.
    2. Verizon probably has some pretty ridiculous requirements that samsung has to adhere to when making the Froyo update for our phone.
    3. I don't think the hold up is Samsung, i mean if it were just putting Froyo on our phone Samsung wouldn't have to do anything, they would just send froyo to Verizon, hell, i could send it to them if it were just that.
    4. the fact of the matter is, verizon has good testing standards it seems, yet pretty tough and time consuming requirements that it wants in place for this SW on the fascinate. The problem is probably more with Verizon's requirements than it is with testing or the SW or anything along those lines.
  4. jbirdsf

    jbirdsf Well-Known Member

  5. Wolfedude88

    Wolfedude88 Well-Known Member

  6. nklenchik

    nklenchik Well-Known Member

    I don't even think that's a question anymore. The DX will definitely get their update first...they have "Droid" in their name.
  7. Wolfedude88

    Wolfedude88 Well-Known Member

    I dont even think it is that, they just don't have Samsung in their name, lol. I mean does the Captivate even have 2.2 yet? I know Sprint started rolling it out but there were problems so they stopped.
  8. Dingster1

    Dingster1 Active Member

    Well I will keep mine long enough for my son to do an AOL and then its on to Thunderbolt...I think
  9. kwhite

    kwhite Active Member

    At least untill my contract is up some time in 2012. then probably the I phone
  10. JMF_Droid

    JMF_Droid Well-Known Member

    I have an upgrade coming up in the next few weeks. Although I've only had the Fascinate for two months or so...I don't think I'll use my upgrade, unless something amazing comes out. IDK what else I need from a cell phone. Front facing camera? Wouldn't mind it, but don't need it. Faster processor? Yes would be nice, but will just eat battery. Thinner/slimmer, lighter? Yeah...that'd be nice, but not necessary. So basically I am saying the Fascinate is perfect for me, currently. We will see in the next few months what Verizon brings to the table. Already eying the Bionic.
  11. AlissaLL3

    AlissaLL3 Well-Known Member

    I am scheduled for an upgrade in October but just got an Email saying I'm eligible for an early upgrade to any phone but they are pushing the iPhone :rolleyes: on me in the Email.
    I'll keep my Fascinate until the next OLED screened phone comes out that isn't a Samsung.
    I will never buy anything Samsung makes ever again if I can help it. :mad:
  12. Tarrant

    Tarrant Active Member

    It's a good piece of hardware, but there's no reason to continue to use a device for which there will be no future firmware updates, particularly when that firmware is still being rapidly developed on other platforms.

    I'll be ditching the Fascinate at the very earliest possible moment, and going forward, I won't be purchasing any new Samsung products.
  13. Foxcow

    Foxcow Well-Known Member

    My contracts are up shortly. The Fascinate is going up on Craigslist and my family plus business accounts will be moving to Sprint.

    We are done with Verizon and Samsung.
  14. saps

    saps Well-Known Member

    I'll upgrade when there is a phone out tempting enough to upgrade to. TBolt offers me little temptation. Im not going to a bigger screen size without an increased screen res as well. I want at least as good battery life as I get now with UV kernels and the SF. I just dont see myself moving to another mere single core cpu as well. SGS2 apparently is coming to VZW in May/June [believe it when I see it]. But given the Samsung software update travesty we saw with this phone I just dont know. This is good enough for me quite frankly and I might even wait till the fall. 4.3" screen seems to be right but it must be with at least that qHD res. Dual core for sure. 1Gb of ram will seem to be the direction things are heading. Battery will be key as well. Gotta me more than what I got now, sorry Tbolt.
    Besides without any 4G coverage within 150 miles of where I live 4G phones are even less tempting still. By the time I get 4G coverage in 2012 here we'll have quad core cpus with Hitachi's 1280x720 screens. Now that is an upgrade for sure.

    Bottom Line, I see myself in the SF for the months ahead
  15. Jake_Mongoose

    Jake_Mongoose Well-Known Member

    I'm not scheduled for an upgrade until Mayish 2012, so I'm more or less stuck. If I get an email saying they can upgrade me sooner, I'm dropping this like a live grenade. As grateful as I am to the devs, I will never own another Samsung again. I shouldn't have to rely on hacking my phone to make it run software that has been readily available for months for other phones.
  16. sean76

    sean76 Well-Known Member

    I jumped of the Fascinate wagon when the Thunderbolt was released... The lack of a properly working GPS, and no Froyo in sight just pushed me over. Do I miss my Fascinate? That's a good question, I'd have to say at this point no, last week was a BIG Yes! However, I did an exchange this morning for a new TB because I had some issues with my first, and I have to say I'm pretty happy at the moment. The phones a Fast pace blazing beast, nothing I've ever used has come close to the speed I'm getting. 3 things I miss from the Fascinate would be how thin the device felt, even with a case, the Beautiful Super Amoled screen, and of course the battery life. But Samsung and VZW really dropped the ball, I doubt I'll be giving Samsung another shot anytime soon.
  17. jinwons

    jinwons Well-Known Member

  18. sean76

    sean76 Well-Known Member

  19. jinwons

    jinwons Well-Known Member

    What's most surprising to me in this piece of news is that SGS2 will come that early to VZW and also with 4G in that slim body. Someone on SGS2 claims that he actually saw a proto-type in VZW store with Samsung rep. I suspected late Summer ~ September or maybe it won't even come to VZW due to difficulty of fitting LTE into such a slim body. But if this comes true, this will be huge hit even more than original galaxy S.
  20. redraptor

    redraptor Well-Known Member

    How much longer am I keeping it? The minute my upgrade is ready (They said june/july back in january) Im dropping this thing like its carrying the plague. Im sick of my device working about 1/4 of what it could be. Normally I would be using this phone constantly, but right now it just sits in my pocket and I answer it when it rings, I respond when I get a text and I OCCASIONALLY go on the internet. If I try anything else, I go through a head ach getting it to work, even the simple stuff like listening to music. No more Samsung for me after this. They can take thier crappy phone, and thier crappy service and suck it. I vote with my wallet and thats why I will go HTC or Motorola for my next phone. Even if its an older model than the Fascinate.
  21. zaphodbebleebrox

    zaphodbebleebrox Well-Known Member

    i really dont have any issues some of you are having. my music works perfect, no dropped calls, can surf the internet till the battery dies, all in all
    i think its a great phone. i am running stock froyo and honest to god i dont have a single honest complaint about it. i just dont understand why some people are ready to chunk theirs in a lake. i dont work for verizon nor samsung, i am p.o. 'd about the froyo udate fiasco but since froyo has been in the boards for a while that isnt an issue anymore. i just find it strange that some people have disastrous experiences while others are totally pleased.
  22. cdodge

    cdodge Well-Known Member

    Until VZ gets the trophy or if that takes too long I may go to ATnT for the Focus or HD7S soon. VZ and samsung left a bad taste in my mouth for Android. Besides I have been using Android since the original Droid so i would like a change for a bit.

    I might go atnt and get a WP7 and an atrix and just switch sim cards back and forth when i get bored of using one.
  23. DaleV

    DaleV Member

    If Verizon and Samsung get their act together and start giving us good STABLE and TIMELY updates for the dev's to play with? who knows, until the next amazingly over the top phone comes out and the bugs are worked out of it.
  24. jinwons

    jinwons Well-Known Member

    Now Sammy put up site on SGS2 officially. I think pictures are global version. Each U.S carrier will most likely get some variation of the external design.

    Samsung GALAXY S II
  25. DaYooper

    DaYooper Member

    Probably until this summer when Iphone 5 comes.

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