How much RAM does the LG Optimus V have?General

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  1. bantamfarmer

    bantamfarmer New Member

    I've searched high and low and have found every spec imaginable except the amount of RAM. I have an Optimus V on VM and it runs amazingly well. Coming from an Intercept on VM the phone seems like a powerhouse so I wouldn't be surprised if it has a healthy amount of RAM.

  2. greg4android

    greg4android Well-Known Member

    Technology: CDMA​
    r ​
    Frequencies: CDMA
  3. Trilla

    Trilla Active Member

    Pretty sure it's 512mb
  4. greg4android

    greg4android Well-Known Member

    Its 160MB. I just posted some of the specs from the LG OPTIMUS V pdf specs.

  5. greg4android

    greg4android Well-Known Member

    r ​
    Android 2.2 (Froyo) Smartphone

    r ​
    Home Screens – customize up to 5 screens
    with shortcuts to apps, favorites, and widgets

    r ​
    Virtual QWERTY Keyboard with Swype for
    Fast Typing

    r ​
    Google™ Integration – preloaded popular
    Google apps

    r ​
    Exchange Support – support for Exchange
    calendars in the Calendar application, autodiscovery
    for easy setup and syncing of an
    Exchange account*, and Global Address Lists
    lookup in the Email application

    r ​
    Proximity Sensor – locks the touchscreen and
    buttons while talking on the phone

    r ​
    USB Charging via Computer

    r ​
    Airplane Mode (RF Off)

    *Available for Exchange 2007 and higher.​
    r ​
    Sleek & Stylish Design

    r ​
    Large 3.2" Touchscreen

    r ​
    Capacitive Touchscreen – for fast and
    accurate response

    r ​
    Live Wallpaper – dynamic, animated

    r ​
    Touch Vibration for Tactile Feedback*

    r ​
    Micro USB Charging Port

    *Only available on certain interactions with the touchscreen.​
    r ​
    Android Market™ – browse and download
    thousands of free and paid apps from around
    the world

    r ​
    Full HTML Web Browser with Google Search†

    r ​
    Connect to Social Networks – send quick
    updates to Twitter
  6. Trilla

    Trilla Active Member

  7. greg4android

    greg4android Well-Known Member

  8. Trilla

    Trilla Active Member

    "Internal User Memory 160mb" is internal storage for apps etc.
  9. JustMe0815

    JustMe0815 Active Member

    424MB RAM
    180MB App space

    That's what mine says
  10. greg4android

    greg4android Well-Known Member

    so the SD card adds 2GB more of "user storage"?

    How do you download to the SD card instead of using the built-in memory for downloads?
  11. Trilla

    Trilla Active Member

  12. AnciusD

    AnciusD Well-Known Member
  13. kc3

    kc3 Well-Known Member

    If your phone is rooted Link2SD is WAY better, you can move any app you want to your sd card with it, but with the Optimus V kernel you have to have two fat32 partitions on your sd card. I have my SD card split to 12GB for Regular data storage and 4GB just for apps, but I find Link2SD better because you can put any app at all onto your sd card as well as it's dalvik-cache which saves more space.
  14. cylonman

    cylonman Member

    Can this phone read PDF files?
  15. MacFett

    MacFett Well-Known Member

    It can with a pdf reader, I have Olive Office's PDF reader.
  16. cutterjohn

    cutterjohn Well-Known Member

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  17. ja5219

    ja5219 Member

    Has anyone run into problems with certain apps that wont run with this phone?
    Or is that not really that common?
  18. tune78

    tune78 Member

    This ^
  19. lizm

    lizm Well-Known Member

    Most apps say if they support move2SD in their market descriptions.
  20. Petrah

    Petrah Psychotic Female

    Does the OpV allocate memory better than the Intercept, or do I just have more ram to play with on this phone? Is there that much of a difference between Android 2.2.2 (Intercept) and 2.2.1 (OpV), or is it the hardware?

    I used Memory Monitor on the Intercept and it always said like 26mb free of 150mb... whereas on the OpV it normally says 329mb free of 424mb. This phone hasn't slowed down since I got it and I have more apps running on it than I did on the Intercept!

    This phone is the bomb, and it feels like I went from a Ford Pinto to a 69 Chevelle SS lol.
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  21. iPhart

    iPhart New Member

    Hi folks, I just came across this thread. Greg4Android has the correct memory specs.
    Trilla's link to specs is also correct, it was just interpreted incorrectly. Look closely, it says: RAM capacity: 512 MiB
    ROM capacity: 512 MiB, including 140MiB user-accessible non-volatile storage

    MiB = Mebibytes. Look it up.
  22. iPhart

    iPhart New Member

    This is a great link with a wealth of information. Thanks for sharing. :)
  23. xrae

    xrae Well-Known Member

  24. hp79

    hp79 New Member

    Mebibytes, huh? Seriously? I thought 1 MB is 1024 KB, but then I looked up the wiki and there it was saying 1MB is actually 1000000 Bytes. This is crap. (I mean the usage of the term Mebibytes)
    Anyways, good to know that Optimus V has 512 MB RAM, uhhh, I mean 512 MiB.. They are on sale for $80 at BestBuy with a free $35 VirginMobile card.
  25. iwantbruce

    iwantbruce Active Member

    Mebibyte? Sounds like a pervectly cromulent word!

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