How position cursor in text box?

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  1. DonSz

    DonSz New Member

    How do you position the cursor in a text box? Evidently, some of the other Galaxy S models have an alternate keypad pop up when you press and hold the ?123 key in a text box. I have not been able to make it work on my Fascinate. See this article for details and do a search for "?123":
    Galaxy S Tips and Tricks (works w/ Captivate, Epic 4G, Fascinate, Vibrant)

    Is there some other method to accurately position the cursor as shown above? Thanks.

  2. Frisco

    Frisco =Luceat Lux Vestra= VIP Member

    Hello Donsz, welcome to Android Forums.

    I tap the text box with my finger on the place in the text field where I want the cursor to appear, such as correcting a misspelled name or whatever.
  3. Jacki1008

    Jacki1008 Well-Known Member

    If you are using Swype, trace your finger from the Swype key (finger with blue squiggle) to the SYM key and an alternate keyboard come up that has directional arrows. Unfortunately, this alternate keyboard doesn't seem to exist in the Android Keyboard.
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  4. avhokie

    avhokie Well-Known Member

    This is one of the main reasons I miss the track ball on the Hero
  5. DonSz

    DonSz New Member

    Jacki1008's suggestion worked! I'll use Swype to position the cursor and to cut and paste. Thanks to all for replying.

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