How the heck to I pair a headset w/ my Photon?Tips

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  1. n8nagel

    n8nagel Member

    Hi all,

    am having a problem with my Photon, which I also had with my previous phone, an Evo 4G. I can't get any of my headsets to pair with this phone! I have two different Plantronics Discovery 975, and another one which I believe is a Voyager Pro (not sure.) All three will pair with my crappy Samsung Rugby work phone (which is crucial, because the volume on that phone is so low that if someone is breathing nearby I can't hear what the person on the other end is saying) but none of them will pair with my Photon. I know that the antenna is working because if I set the Samsung to discoverable, it shows right up on the Photon. All three headsets also are easily visible to the Samsung. But not a one is discovered by the Photon. What am I missing here?

    I would really like to be able to use a headset with this phone otherwise I can't even legally answer the phone when driving in DC or Maryland.

    thanks for any advice!

  2. KOLIO

    KOLIO Guides Guide

    Are you holding the CALL CONTROL BUTTON down until the Red & White buttons flash,when pairing up w/the phone?

    I was omitting this step when initially pairing up my headset & the phone would not see it.

    Also, make sure you have the 'DISCOVER' box checked in the BLUETOOTH settings on your phone.

    It took a while for my JABRA STONE 2 to pair up w/my PHOTON,but, once paired,it connects instantly.
  3. n8nagel

    n8nagel Member

    hah, damn, you're right, I have to do that. After RTFM you're supposed to have to put them in "pairing mode" to pair with the phone - but the Photon and Evo are the only two that I've ever had to do this with, they've paired with all my crappy work phones without having to manually enter "pairing mode." Wonder why that is? Never thought that I had to do something with the headset because it's always "just worked." thanks...

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