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  1. Wombat7

    Wombat7 New Member

    I have a Samsung Galaxy 3 Duos.

    There is a tray of 4 icons on the bottom of the screen - Log, Contacts, Message & Apps/Home. Somehow I managed to change this so that the Contacts and Message dont appear there any more.

    I have got them back onto the main part of the screen - but I cant seem to get them onto the bottom tray?

    Any ideas on:
    • what caused this?
    • how to fix this?

  2. sumansett

    sumansett New Member


    go to menu.. select edit by bringing up the mini menu and touch your desired app (in your case the contacts and messaging) and drag it down to the tray..
  3. Wombat7

    Wombat7 New Member

    no so simple sumansett...

    I cant drag anything onto the mini menu - it keeps disappearing when I start dragging anything because it changes to the Remove (rubbish bin).

    Any other ideas anyone???

  4. ryetee

    ryetee New Member

    I think there's an extra step necessary - but not sure! Do you still have in the tray the blue square with four white squares which enables you to access all of your apps? Seems you need to hit that and then the menu, then edit: you should have two gaps in the tray and be able to drag the icons you require into that. Hope this works! I had a similar problem which drove me demented...

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