How the pendo connects to the net??Support

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  1. lil.krytta

    lil.krytta New Member

    I've recently got a pendo pad through the dodo offer and can't seem to connect it to the internet... i have tried to do it with a modem connected to the pendo, through a router with my pc and directly through my pc to the pendo but nothing seems to work. Can anyone give me any useful ideas or if they actually know how to do it, step by step intructions? I am a little illiterate when it comes to technology but know the basics.... Thanks <3

  2. poplar

    poplar New Member

    Hi I have just joined the forum, and I am in the same boat. Just got my pendo pad today and it says that I am connected with the usb broadband stick but I cant get out of the pendo pad and onto the internet. Should be able to ring dodo for help, which is my next move. cheers
  3. lailahbowie

    lailahbowie New Member

    same boat too, i have my usb in & connected, only 1 bar, & cannot connect to anything... please help

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