how to 100% move apps and games to sd?Support

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  1. sharartirulez

    sharartirulez Member

    hi, how to fully move apps and games to sd card? when i move any app or game to sd, still some kbs are their on phone memory. i wana move completely to sd. thanks.

  2. Qureshi

    Qureshi New Member

    Install Any Application named App2SDFree, that will resolve your problem. remember only default applications can move to SD Card. Thanks
  3. sharartirulez

    sharartirulez Member

    i have rooted phone, and have used app2sd, but the problem is, still their are some kbs remain in phone memory.
  4. Andima

    Andima Well-Known Member

    If you have rooted phone, better thing is use "Link2SD" it can completely move apps "apk file", "dalvik-cache" files and "library files" to SD.

    How To Completely Move Android Apps To SD Card Second Partition With Root

    1. After installed, run the "Link2SD" app
    2. Grant SuperUesr permission
    3. Tap any app that you need to move ( SD support and not support )
    4. Tap "Create Link"
    5. In the next window tick all the option and tap "OK" and wait for a few seconds
    6. You just move your app to SD
    This method you can move unmovable apps to the SD card. :) In-addition to that, if you move widget apps, still their widget work ;)

    However after you move apps to the SD card 2nd partition, native apps2SD still display your apps on your internal memory, because of Link2SD create a symbolic links to original directories. :)

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