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  1. aprillh

    aprillh Well-Known Member

    I am a new to Android OS and trying to find my way ;) Love my Incredible so far but I'm wondering how to handle Outlook invitations. I have my Gmail account set up and am now using Google Calendar but my husband will send me Outlook invitations. I receive the email but there is no place (on my phone) for me to accept or decline it. I realize I can do that if I'm on the PC but that's not always possible. I have read some previous threads where people got it to work but b/c I'm a noobie, I don't understand all the lingo :D Can anyone explain how to make this work, assuming there is a way?


  2. Robhimself

    Robhimself Well-Known Member

    look in your calendar. when you get the notice it may have gone directly there and you can accept right in the calendar app. At least thats where I found it when I was not give an option to accept right in the email.
  3. jeagles5

    jeagles5 New Member

    Anyone figure this out yet?
  4. aprillh

    aprillh Well-Known Member

    What fixed it for me was having my husband send the Outlook invites to my gmail account instead of my att account. The option to accept or decline is in the calendar instead of the email.
  5. maypospanky

    maypospanky New Member

    But I can't have everyone sending my business invites to a ghost gmail account just to update.

    I get may business invites from multiple sources and can't accept them on my S3.

    There must be a solution our there.....

    Please help (still having to carry my laptop just to accept invitations)

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