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How to access the internal phone storage ?

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  1. calin05

    calin05 Member

    Hello i am a noob in the telephones universe.I haved rooted my phone using a tutorial in the all things root area, and now i discovered a app, that can access the system files(internal phone) and when i start the app, it says that it can't access the root files cuz of some called superuser problem.

    Help me, i just wanna access the internal phone files, how to back-up my phone to stock factory settings ? Or reinstall android 2.2

    I want to extract that song when i select high or low the media sound...

  2. Projectx3

    Projectx3 New Member

    Try restarting the app few times and if you have rooted successfully you should have that superuser app and when running your app that can access internal memory superuser should ask if you want to allow the access and you have to select allow.
  3. karandpr

    karandpr Well-Known Member

    At samfirmware.com stock "factory" firmwares are available.If you have your firmware listed on the list then there is no need for back-up phone.
    The nandroid backup requires ClockworkMod recovery
    Since samsung phones have locked bootloaders it is impossible to install it unless you make a custom kernel.
    Attempting to install clockwork mod recovery via ROM manager will result in a beautiful decorative brick.

    Regardless you will need to root phone to access the system folder .

    Use Titanium backup to backup apps.
  4. atulalvenkar

    atulalvenkar Active Member

    @karandpr i might be wrong but i don't think samsung has locked bootloaders on any of its devices. Mini bricks when clockwork is installed coz there is no mini specific port of clockwork.

    @calin05 check if you have an app named superuser in your app drawer. If you do your device is rooted. Install androzip and try to access internal filesystems. If you don't have that app then your device hasn't been rooted. root it with superoneclick
  5. karandpr

    karandpr Well-Known Member

    Yes I may be wrong too !! :D
    The problem is with the partitions I guess and location of bootloader .

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