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How to activate compass mode?Support

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  1. notez88

    notez88 New Member

    I recently got the G1 and thought I have no reason to use it I just wanted to check out the compass mode

    I have GPS on, and I am on streetview...yet when I turn around nothing happens...what am I missing here?

  2. jsirianni7

    jsirianni7 Member


    Just go to google maps on your G1 - perform a search ad go to say...... New York, NY - zoom in and hit your menu button and choose "Street View" - once street view is set hit the menu button again and choose "Compass mode"

    Hope this helps

  3. rivviepop

    rivviepop Member

    There's a little app in the Market called 'Orienteer' - check it out, it's a cool compass that looks like one and so on, works with GPS. While you're at it grab another one called "Bubble" that gives you a bubble level on your device.
  4. danielbb

    danielbb Well-Known Member

    love it lol

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