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How to activate the Incredible?General

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  1. r3pnit

    r3pnit Active Member

    I'm having trouble activating , i have the storm before, and i remember i had to drive to an area near by to activate my phone because it was a 1x and i needed it to be 1X. Now verizon has bought U.S cellular towers near my college and I'm always in 1X , my storm is showing it right now, but I guess my incredible is not getting the same signal because i call *228 and it wont activate it, can anyone help me with this?

  2. soulfetcher13

    soulfetcher13 Well-Known Member

    Dial 611 from the incredible and they can swap esn's over the phone.
  3. Rubik76

    Rubik76 Well-Known Member

    When you say "won't activate", what is it doing/what error are you getting?

    One thing to note is that it has to be activated for the line it was purchased for. I bought my Inc on my wife's line, and VZW created a pending ESN change for her, so that when I tried to activate it for my line I got errors, and had to activate it for hers and then do an ESN change.
  4. r3pnit

    r3pnit Active Member

    i thought the number i call was *228 , it was the update is ready to begin and will take about 50 seconds... then it says we were unable to update your phone at this time
  5. r3pnit

    r3pnit Active Member

    when i call 611 it talks about calling collect or using some prepaid thing or credit card
  6. DigitalGuru

    DigitalGuru Active Member

    I needed to call the number on the "yellow boarded" paper that shipped with my phone from a different phone. After I did the automated setup (on the non Inc), I called *228 from the Inc and it worked.
  7. necosino

    necosino Well-Known Member

    Just sign onto MyVerizon and activate your phone online. Once completed, dial *228 on your phone, select option 1, and wait. Your phone will restart once it has completed programming (activating).
  8. mozetti

    mozetti Well-Known Member

    If you're activating the Incredible to replace the Storm, then you need to power down the Storm and wait a few minutes. Then try to activate the Incredible. I had the same problem and the VZ CSR told me that it was probably getting confused because it was picking up both my old phone (BB Curve 8330) and the Incredible.

    In the end, I just called *611 (VZ Cust Svc) and they swapped the ESN on their systems first and then I activated the Incredible. I actually removed the battery from the BB Curve 8330 too, just to make sure it wasn't picking up a signal.

    Changed the VZ Cust Svc number to *611
  9. r3pnit

    r3pnit Active Member

    when i call the #611 it says " to make a collect call press 1" so i dont think this is working, how do i do it from my verizon?
  10. Rubik76

    Rubik76 Well-Known Member

  11. r3pnit

    r3pnit Active Member

    i got this paper that has a yellow boarding on it, but it doesnt say to call from any other number from my old phone
  12. lump

    lump Active Member

    It says...

    1. Turn off your old phone & charge the new one.
    2. From new phone call *228 , press 1, then follow prompts
  13. r3pnit

    r3pnit Active Member

    bump i called some number and they made me agree to contract and i guess they switch the numbers, now i have to activate using 228 but still not working, im guessing cause im in roaming? can i activate it online? now both my phones are inactive by the way so i can no way of contacting people
  14. crimton

    crimton Well-Known Member

    yes it can be done online Activate Your Phone

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