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How to Activate Verizon Galaxy TabTips

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  1. Moviecouple

    Moviecouple Active Member

    Not sure if this has been discussed, but I will throw it out there. I went to use the Galaxy Tab that I got and bought if Off-Contract. Don't have a plan at all with Verizon. When you first turn it on it asks to Activate. It will always fail if you do not have service. I think that is why I see some people buying a months worth of data, but am not 100% sure.

    Well... I figured out how to Activate it without messing with Verizon.

    Here it is... On the Volume rocker on the right side... hit up ONCE, down TWICE, up THREE times, and lastly down FOUR time. It will then ask if you want to bypass activation. At that point your into Setup and then the home screen.

  2. maryd06

    maryd06 Member

    Nice work. Thanks!
  3. Frisco

    Frisco =Luceat Lux Vestra= VIP Member

    Good one for the Tips and Tricks sub-forum, moviecouple. ;)
  4. reizac926

    reizac926 New Member

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    Best Buy really should have told us this info!
  5. Tom2112

    Tom2112 Member


    I know this thread is old, but it just saved me a lot of time and hassle.

    Thanks again,
    :D :D :D
  6. dannyloftin

    dannyloftin New Member

    I love you man....awesome hint...a lifesaver... Had to try twice, butt worked perfectly...you da man...
  7. browngirl

    browngirl New Member

    i'm new so work with me here. this applies if you buy the 3g model? why not buy the wi-fi version? how did you get it from verizon without them connecting at the store?
  8. PlagueXY

    PlagueXY New Member

    I dont know if I'm doing something wrong but is not working for me. I have the latest table from Verizon but this trick is not working
  9. tooinch

    tooinch New Member

    Me too, i have to new Galaxy 4G LTE Tap, I following the instruction and didn't do anything. please help... i can't bypass the activation screen
  10. Snyphor24

    Snyphor24 New Member

    Wow awesome, I'm currently a deployed Airman and received a care package with a galaxy tab in it of as a birthday gift. I'm so glad I found this info, bc I definately have no service out here lol. Thanks alot!!
  11. Badboy_996

    Badboy_996 New Member

    Ok folks,

    I just figured this out. If you have bought a Verizon Galaxy tab 10.1 4G LTE without a contract and don't have a micro SIM, you must be pretty annoyed that it won't go past the SIM failure screen!!

    Leave the error message on your screen and follow these simple steps and your in business:

    Touch the top left corner, then top right corner, then bottom left (just above the android controls, and then bottom right (above the status tray) and last volume UP once.

    You need to do this is quick sequence and you'll see the Welcome screen.

    That's it!!!! You can use Wi-Fi only and not have to settle for a Wi-Fi only version in case you want mobile 4G service later.:cool:

    Enjoy your new Samsung Tab from Verizon!!!!!!!!
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  12. lustfuljayb

    lustfuljayb New Member

    Thankyou,I am so glad I'm now able to cut the cord from verizon. I use my tab mostly wirelessly. I thought I was stuck.. This should go down as a need to know, tips and trick. Great Job. :D
  13. anny31

    anny31 New Member

    no, didnt work either of those? do you touch all at 4 corners at the same time? i tried and tried.. doesnt make sense how it would work..help please

    Leave the error message on your screen and follow these simple steps and your in business:

    Touch the top left corner, then top right corner, then bottom left (just above the android controls, and then bottom right (above the status tray) and last volume UP once.
  14. tsheetz

    tsheetz New Member

    Thanks I was so impressed I joined the forum just to thank you! I did have to do it a couple of times before it let me alone but it worked and you saved me alot of time and money
  15. freebo

    freebo New Member

    Thanka bunch BadBoy_996. Saved me at least $65 right of the bat. Verizon charges $30 for one month data plan and $35 for activation - its crazy.
  16. kuryaky

    kuryaky New Member

    Thanks Thanks thanks... i olmost througth my TAB.... THANK U YOU ROCKS... 1 WEEK FOR THIS THRICK. #PASS GALAXY TAB 10.1 SIM RECOGNITION VERIZON.
  17. ob1_kanukie

    ob1_kanukie New Member

    Badboy_996 Dude... I love you man!

    I have the Verizon SGT 10.1" 32GB

    Here's how I did it... when the tab is powered on it was trying to connect, after it failed to connect I did the trick mentioned below (one corner at a time) and then hit the volume Up once and I'm in!!!

    Worked for me!!!:D:D:D:D So F* to Verizon byatch!!!!

  18. shynn27

    shynn27 New Member

    How do you bypass on a Verizon Samsung Galaxy Tab 7" with a cancelled contract? Please help had to master reset and now can't get past the activation screen which just fails. The method of up...down...down...up...up...up...down...down...down...down DOES NOT WORK AT ALL...

    well after 2days of missing around with my tab I figured out by myself how to bypass reactivation. I simply tapped the home button after powering on the tab...then once the slide button popped up to unlock the screen I began to continuously tap the homescreen icon until the loaded icon page appeared and stayed. My tab was on a contract that was canceled so maybe that's the reason the method given to bypass activation did't work.
  19. Swagon_Wagon

    Swagon_Wagon Member

  20. adamv

    adamv New Member

    This worked great for me, and now that I have figured out how it works I am thinking about activating the Verizon 4G LTE service, how do I go back and re-activate it?
  21. WillieShaw

    WillieShaw New Member

    Thanks Amillion!!!!
  22. mmm4

    mmm4 New Member

    The up and down thing works great.. My question is when it dials out it hangs up.. How do I fix that?
  23. willfrankjoy

    willfrankjoy New Member

    Going around for through thousand of pages.. now i get what i was really looking for..
    thank ya mate!!
  24. Devika Kunchi

    Devika Kunchi New Member

    I bought verizon galaxi tab 7.0..
    i can't message , call nothing.
    i tried all the ways mentioned above.. but can't access...
    please help me...
  25. joshkendrick

    joshkendrick New Member

    How the HELL did you figure that out! I just dug my samsung tab out of the closet, and they were going to charge me $35 bucks to activate it again. **** Verizon. And all these people talk about corporations need to have your best interests in mind... how is charging me $35 to use the device for wi-fi keeping my best interests in mind. Stickin it to the man

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