How to: Add a ringtone to the LG Optimus-STips

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  1. roadster

    roadster Well-Known Member

    How to add a Ringtone to the Optimus-S, and to a contact.

    Default ringtones there are many to choose from within the phone, in order to assign, or even add a personal or aftermarket ringtone we must set up the phone and card, this is how its done a unconventional way.

    1. Micro Sd card, open up and these are the orginal folder, and files. We all know how to add a new folder, right click/new folder, name MP3, and add your MP3 songs in there.



    2. Now with phone at contacts, on 2nd left hard button,press and choose options, and Ringtone, will ask you to complete action using: choose "SELECT MUSIC" and choose MUSIC.

    You are now at the Micro SD card folder MP3 and MP3 files it's that simple

    thank you

  2. ARREBEL13

    ARREBEL13 New Member

    there is no music option.
  3. ARREBEL13

    ARREBEL13 New Member

    This works because I actually tried it.:)

    1. Ensure your microSD card is in your LG Optimus T, then connect it to your computer using the supplied USB cable
      1. If your LG Optimus T does not mount automatically, touch the USB icon that appears in the menu bar at the top of the display, drag it down to expose the Android Notification Pane, then tap on USB Connected and select Mount (or Disk Drive)
    2. Using a file explorer on your computer, navigate to the root folder (DCIM) of the memory card in your LG Optimus T
    3. Create a new folder called Ringtones (some devices require a lowercase "r" so please name the new folder exactly as other folders are named with caps or lower case)
    4. Now, simply copy all of the MP3 ringtones you want on your LG Optimus T into the new ringtones folder
    That's it! You can now unmount your LG Optimus T and your ringtones will become available as options when changing your ringtone.
  4. hetro108

    hetro108 New Member

    No supplied USB cable. Is there a work around? I hate google almost as bad as microsucks. I was thinking about opening a G-mail account, then sending my ringtones to it from my real mail box. Can I then move the MP3 from my g-mail box into the MicroSD? Will this work for a desktop too?
    I was going to get a memory upgrade, should I see about a USB cable also?

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