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how to add apps to my phone??

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  1. i have a samsung europa iv tried to do this via keis to be told my phone isnt supported,argh

    please help me to add some apps

  2. lennyjew

    lennyjew Well-Known Member

    Edit: Suggestion in linked thread didn't work. I'll keep looking.

    As far as I can tell you're phone just isn't supported.

    No android market on your phone? I only ask because I'm not familiar with it.
  3. thanks

    im confused i have 5 screens space for apps yet how to i put apps onto my phone??:confused::confused::confused:
  4. lennyjew

    lennyjew Well-Known Member

    You don't have the market app on your phone?

    It's the Samsung i5500 Galaxy Europa 5 right?

    Everything I've found on it is leading me to believe that the Android Market comes stock on it.
  5. yes it has i have clicked it and had to make a google account,

    now what?????

    thankyou so much for your help

  6. Umm, just search for an app, and hit install...
  7. Soo why isn't it working?
  8. colleencanada

    colleencanada New Member

    Through the market application you should be able to simply click the gray bar under install which will have the word free or the price of the ap on it. Once you've done that, you should see a white icon with four squares next in between your phone and contacts icon. Click on the white four squares icon and that will lead you to your downloaded applications from the market space. To select the application that you want on your home screen, hold down on it until it vibrates and that should take it right to your home screen.
  9. lennyjew

    lennyjew Well-Known Member

    After you've created a google account for your phone it should be linked to your phone. Just open up the Market App again, accept the Terms of Use, click on the apps you want and download.

    You'll have to input credit card info for the paid apps.
  10. Psyclone

    Psyclone Well-Known Member

    thread and op name = priceless

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