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How to add google latitude shortcut icon on screenSupport

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  1. akshaydumbre

    akshaydumbre New Member

    2 days before: 21sept 2012, I installed samsung updates. After successfull instalation, I could'nt find google latitude icon on screen. If I select it from google maps, its working fine. Now I just wanto add shortcut icon of latitude, how can I do this? Also I can't find entry in option -> add > shortcut > applications. Or is there any way to reinstall lattude or google maps?

  2. andrewo

    andrewo New Member

    I am having the exact same problem. I don't have the latitude icon on my Galaxy s 2. It was there, but now it's gone and i can't add it. If you figure it out, let me know. I will do the same.

  3. akshaydumbre

    akshaydumbre New Member

    have u updated something like me??
  4. akshaydumbre

    akshaydumbre New Member

    For the time we have one option. Go to google maps app -> click on "Layers" (top right 2nd button) -> check "latitude"
  5. thehitman47

    thehitman47 Member

    On updating maps its gone.................
  6. Droid_MC

    Droid_MC New Member

    That leads me to believe you are able to tell people how to do this. Not the case. You are asking how to do it. The title should be "How do I add the Google Latitude Icon back on my phone?"

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