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  1. young707

    young707 Well-Known Member

    How do I add "group" field to my names in Android contact?

    I sync the Android contacts from gmail.
    In gmail "my contacts" I have 3 groups - Family, Friends, "Other contacts"

    The imported contact names in Android has NO "group" field.
    How do I add the "group" field to my name in Android contact?


    KENNECTED Well-Known Member

    Are you talking about the "My contact card"? I don't think you can add a group to that particular contact.
  3. young707

    young707 Well-Known Member

    When I create contact in my Android, I can save contact item to "Phone", "SIM" or "Google".

    I am talking about fields for each Android "contact" in the phone.

    In Android contacts items, I can add and edit many fields. One of the field is Group". But I do not have the "field" option in "Add More Field" in this unit I am using.

    I am using Samsung Galaxy Android 2.1
  4. geeksncomputer

    geeksncomputer New Member

    I have been playing around with Contact Group manager - DW and so far I like it? Wish the non add version was cheaper. But hey : (
  5. proaction

    proaction New Member

    Are you talking about the inability to assign your google contacts to a group while working on your phone?
    If so, here is some info: Using the free app DW Contact Group Manager you can add a contact to a (google sync) group while on your phone. Open the app, select the group you wish to add a contact to, press the menu button, select the "more" button from the pop up list of options and you will see "add contact to group". Press that and you will get a list of all of your contacts from which to select those for your previously chosen group.

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