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how to add musicSupport

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  1. ashimashi

    ashimashi Active Member

    How do I add music in my Samsung Galaxy s2?

    I tried google but I get like 20 different things and don't know which one works or not. A friend of mine said you need to use a special feature like itunes but for Android. But I don't think that is true because you can add and remove pictures without any software.

    Anyways how do I add mp3 music on my phone please?

    Thanks a lot in advance. :)

  2. Hawker

    Hawker Well-Known Member

    in your SD card or external SD card, create a folder called "Samsung"
    in there create another one called "Music"
    then copy all your MP3 files in that Music folder.
    It will not matter if you create sub-folders within the music folder, as the media player will just pick them all up
  3. heshanj

    heshanj Well-Known Member

    u dont need any software, like mentioned above. however if u DO use itunes, u can use software like itunes agent (free) or isyncr (paid) to automatically sync ur music to ur phone

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