How to add new updates on the andorid app by web pag?

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  1. kareemgamal

    kareemgamal Member

    I am a beginner on Android as,
    I am working on new Android app , this project description as Icon when user click on it it redirect him to dot net JQuery website , I did my code to go to the website but I have some problems

    1- When I want to update the apk file on customer device to update it how can I access the app on the customer device also how can I know this app belong me between many app on customer device?

    2- Also the tool that I will used to check the app to update it as I mentioned up that the project will be Dot net

    3- I want to fetch the bugs and errors that may occurred on the customer device from my app how can I do it?

  2. DaSeala

    DaSeala Active Member

    Um... if its just a icon that leads to a web page... does the .apk package ever need to be updated? Wouldn't you just be updating your web server files etc? Or maybe I just completely misunderstood
  3. kareemgamal

    kareemgamal Member

    Yes this just Icon on user mobile to access website on dot net server, but If I need to update .apk file on user mobile... see the up my questions

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