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  1. kpenning

    kpenning Well-Known Member

    WARNING: I will not be posting support for these installation instructions. PERFORM this procedure at your own risk. You can find more help from others at this forum or on XDA-Dev. This is simply to help get everyone started

    Ripped from this guide: How To: Android 2.2 on Galaxy S


    This process is not necessarily safe and is done at your own risk. These builds are rather stable, but they do have a few bugs. You should follow the instructions for either i9000XXJP1 or i9000XXJP2, not both. Pick one and stick to the labels that correspond to that ROM.

    i9000XXJP1 Differences

    • Notifications bar settings changed to: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, Sound Mode, and Rotation Lock
    • Screen brightness quick adjustments are gone
    • Supports over the air updates
    • Google Search Widget has Android 2.2 functionality
    • New G-Sensor calibration tool in settings
    • Adobe Flash 10.1 works perfectly when installed from .apk!

    i9000XXJP2 Differences

    Some of these differences may be present in the JP1 ROM as well.

    • Media Scanning in Notifications bar now shows percentage done (JP2)
    • New animations: app drawer, keyboard opening (JP2)
    • Press Reader app now included (JP2)
    • Faster than JP1 (JP2)
    • New sounds in dialer (JP2)
    • Comes pre-rooted (JP2) [MAYBE]

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  2. vuittion

    vuittion New Member

    I am a noob so please excuse me, I have succesfully installed Android 2.2 i9000XXJP2 on my Samsung galaxy s but I cannot get flash 10.1 to run, where exactly do I place the apk and do I have to enable anything on the settings for the flash to work, sorry for the noobish question, many thanks.
  3. gerberman

    gerberman Well-Known Member

    I havent changed firmwares yet but I suppose you can download the flash app from market place and install as normal, I think once installed it has to be enabled in your browser settings.
  4. FadeFx

    FadeFx Well-Known Member

    you write "slow browser" which i think is not true, since some users over at xda reported that the browser is actually verry fast.
  5. Shocky

    Shocky On Probation

    With USB Debugging on?

    What's this? :eek:
  6. Sparkle1975

    Sparkle1975 Active Member

    Pros and cons on JP2.


    • Internet sometimes stops
    Never happened on mine (yet)

    • Sometimes the locked screen doesn

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