How to avoid synchronizing gmail contacts

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  1. msaub

    msaub Member

    Aria is my first Android phone , I set up my gmail account and want to avoid synchronizing the gmail contacts , The reason is that there are many contacts and it clutters the people search functions.

    For now I deleted my gmail contacts , did a resynch.

    need to know
    1) Is it possible to control the sync with gmail for just emails and not calendar and contacts
    2) if not any way to filter the list from the people's search.

  2. xdmanalo

    xdmanalo Well-Known Member

    1) Menu > Settings > Accounts & Sync > Your Google Account > Uncheck Sync Calendar, Uncheck Sync Contacts

    2) People > Menu > View > Check/Uncheck desired contact sources
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  3. msaub

    msaub Member

    Uncheck Sunc contatcs worked m, but there is no permanent way to uncheck the sync contacts , the next time I did a referesh on the gamil account the google contacts were re-synched
  4. whitenack

    whitenack Well-Known Member

    Hmm, that doesn't make sense. I have this setup right now with several different sync accounts. Some I have sync contacts some I have not sync. Those that I want to sync stay synced, those that I do not want to sync, stay unsynced(?).
  5. artvandalay22222

    artvandalay22222 Well-Known Member

    So assuming that if you goto people, you have 1 set of contacts on phone, and 1 set google)email). Im assuming this because you said its cluttered.

    Heres what I did:

    I will keep it simple first: I copied contacts to sim, then deleted all contacts on phone(not google contacts). I then coppied them back to phone from sim-this time choosing them to be Google contacts. Next I deleted them from sim. Now i have 1 list, but the emails are mixed in. next I went to computer, opened gmail contacts and merged the email contact to the corresponding phone contact. If there was no phone contact, I just edited the contacts name so it showed in my list as a name not an address. 1 list, no clutter, no duplicates.

    tips:(from memory, phone is charging upstairs,sorry if it's wrong)
    to delete just the phone contacts, select view,choose phone. for sim, choose sim. Then, you can delete all at once.
    To copy to sim, goto "people", select menu, choose "view" and choose "phone". Hit menu again, choose sim, export to sim. Same procedure to reimport them but view sim instead.
    also, be sure to link facebook. When you do, it will extract contact info from facebook, including email addreses, even their avatar pic. It will even offer suggestions, for example if you have a google contact name "John Smith" it will suggest any facebook freinds that have a similar name. Then hit link. Or look up the name yourself, it's very easy. now When you call John smith, you can view his Facebook status while yo talk to him(or her) :)

    All very cool how it works. It will also link twitter, flickr etc.
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  6. msaub

    msaub Member

    That is correct I am also not sure why it syncs up the google contacts -
  7. Waaahsabi

    Waaahsabi New Member

    4 steps:

    1. Export all contacts to SD card (Contacts -> More -> Export/Import)
    2. Delete all contact from google account
    3. Sync on the phone
    4. Import all contacts from SD card (Contacts -> More -> Export/Import) and select "Phone" instead of your google account.

    -> all contacts are now unlinked from the google account.

    Please correct me, if i'm wrong. :)

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