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How to back up my contacts?Support

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  1. who4ever

    who4ever Active Member

    Hi. Can anyone tell me exactly where my contact list is kept on the Atrix?
    Can you also suggest the best way to back this file up should I lose my phone? Can I copy the file to my computer? Thanks, Dave

  2. WolfmanRobby

    WolfmanRobby Well-Known Member

    They are kept in a type of Database (I think it's SQLlite). It's not a file or something you can just copy or edit.

    It also synch's them to your Google (Gmail) account. Go log in on Gmail, and you should see them all there, backed up. Make changes there, and the changes push to your phone.

    I also have a second backup that I use. I use the free "Lookout" security app. (https://market.android.com/details?id=com.lookout&feature=search_result) This app runs an Antivirus scan on the phone (Weekly full scan, and scans new apps as they are installed). It also let's me locate my phone by logging into my account on their website. I can remote activate the GPS and see the phone on a map. I can setoff an alarm on the phone that will override the sound settings (Even if it's on MUTE, the alarm sounds).
    And, most importantly, it backs up my contacts to their server. If I lose my phone, all I have to do is get a new one, install Lookout, and restore my contacts back down.
  3. WolfmanRobby

    WolfmanRobby Well-Known Member

  4. prinout

    prinout Member

    Simple sync with your gamil account. Or you can backup them to your sd card. Go people then click menu "Import/Export" -> "Export to SD Card". Then you contacts will be save in a vcard file.

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