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How to back up the factory settings

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  1. GS271

    GS271 New Member

    I am a total android noob (2 days with ATT GS2), and I'm looking to eventually root (eventually meaning as soon as I have the time to learn all the lingo and info).

    But first I want to back up the factory restore version of the phone in case i 'BRICK" it.

    I've been searching/following/ reading a bunch of stuff, but i cant find a simple HOW-TO for just the back up and restore process (should a phone get bricked).

    any help is greatly appreciated.

  2. t90

    t90 Member

    Have you tried looking at XDA forums? I know that I saw the stock kernel/Rom posted a few days ago...
  3. Lagunar

    Lagunar Well-Known Member

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