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How to backup contacts etc from HTC Desire to computer?Support

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  1. pini

    pini Member

    Hi, I always used to backup my Nokias to their PC suite on my home computer. That backuped everything on the phone if I wanted and also was excellent when I changed phones, as, as long as they were Nokia I could just restore everything to my new phone.

    Is there any similar system for my HTC Desire? I need the assurance that if my phone gets stolen or needs to be replaced, as I'll backup often, I'll be able to restore everything to my new phone directly from the computer.

    Preferably a free program.


  2. ifb-online

    ifb-online Well-Known Member

    HTC Sync, download the latest version from the HTC site, install on your PC and then connect your Desire using usb sync mode. You can then sync your People contacts and Calendar.

  3. staz1000

    staz1000 Well-Known Member

    Or you can save your contacts as gmail contacts and they're then backed up on the gmail server.
  4. mikebell

    mikebell Well-Known Member

    Or you can hit the menu option to export your contacts to the SD card. This will create a VCF file, a format that's recognized by many types of phone. Once on the SD card you've got your contacts nicely backed up. You can then use a usb cable to save it on your pc.
  5. ulstersoldier

    ulstersoldier Active Member

    just done the export thing thats a good one. very easy and hassle free
  6. JohnnyBravo1000

    JohnnyBravo1000 Well-Known Member

    I used the method of exporting my contacts to the SD card. However, when you import them to the phone the numbers are displayed in a new format.

    Eg. 071-234-56-789

    That's the basic jist of it. The number imports correctly, it's just broken up by a few well placed hyphens/dashes.
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  7. LucA

    LucA New Member

    Hi all,
    I was looking for a same kind of solution.
    sync my calendar and contacts between phone and PC.
    It seems however that it only syncs my PC contacts to my phone, but not vice versa..
    Any ideas ?
  8. pominnz

    pominnz Member

    When I tried to export my contacts to the SD card, a message box was displayed indicating "No SD card detected".

    Just for anyone else who might experience this problem, the issue was caused because my phone was connected to my PC and mounted as disk drive.

    Disconnecting my phone allowed me to backup my contacts to the SD card.
  9. pini

    pini Member

    Hi guys and gals. Thanx for your ideas, but I am now very very desperate for this and none of the suggestions are ideal. My phone dropped today and the screen cracked and I'm getting a new phone delivered tomorrow. Problem is that I use my phone for everything, especially the contacts and the calendar which I use as my diary. I need to backup it all up quickly and easily like I used to be able to do with my Nokias. The apps I can re-download, I'm not worried about that.
  10. pini

    pini Member

    Just "synced" my phone with my computer but not sure what it did. Dunno how to access what was synced on the PC so I can view it.
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  11. Trollatoppan

    Trollatoppan Well-Known Member

    The short answer to your question is unfortunately "There isn't such a program/tool for HTC phones". That only tool that HTC has is HTC Sync and that only syncs your phone with MS Outlook - and it really sucks.
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  12. Harry2

    Harry2 Well-Known Member

  13. riley4724

    riley4724 New Member

    I use gsynit; it's not perfect, but I like it. I went from a BB to an android phone and wanted something to sync my non-exchange Outlook contacts and calendar to my phone. You can do a trial, but it syncs everything to Google/gmail, which in turn populates the phone. It has some quirks, but for the most part it was pretty straight forward and seamless.

    I have mine set to sync every time I exit Outlook to keep things pretty current.

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  14. flangy

    flangy New Member

    try AVG antivirus for Android..its checks all files and does a full backup of setting and contacts to sd card
  15. zeph2

    zeph2 New Member

    Please how can I export the contacts to SD card?? Thanks!!
  16. cliff0796

    cliff0796 Well-Known Member

    Click on your phone dialler, click menu, click people then menu again then click import/export and choose export to SD card.
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  17. zeph2

    zeph2 New Member

    thanks but if i click on people, it just takes me to the list of contacts I have. and when i go to the menu, there is no option to import/export instead i only see the option to import data which suggests importing contacts from other phones!! Please advise! i am in need of this coz i want to reset my phone to original setting since i am experiencing problems with network and setting seems to be a problem. I can call my contacts but most of them cant reach me. Especially from one provider.
  18. cliff0796

    cliff0796 Well-Known Member

    Sorry but I'm at a lose at why you can't do it this way, other option would be to connect your phone to your computer and copy all data to a separate file, reset your phone reconnect to your comp copy your files that you saved and paste back to your phone.
  19. AllyOmally

    AllyOmally Member

    Your not doing it in order click people and while in your contact list click menu and that will bring up the export/import option!
  20. irey

    irey New Member

    how do i backup my contacts from my Desire HD to my MacBook Pro
  21. irey

    irey New Member

    can u help me in backing up my contacts on my Desire HD to my MacBook?
  22. Seth_29

    Seth_29 New Member

    Will this export all the contacts ( google, phone, SIM), as these are three different types of contacts saving mode available on HTC desire ?

    In case if it only exports Google contacts, how can you make export of contacts saved in Phone memory ?
  23. Hadron

    Hadron Well-Known Member Contributor

    It doubt it will back up SIM contacts. But if you only have one export option it will export all that are on the phone, whether Google or Phone Only.

    You can easily check by looking at the contents of the vcf file.

    I say "if you only have one option" because I cannot remember what HTC software on the Desire does (not used a Sense ROM since 2010). I recently did this with a Desire C and it had options to export different types of contact separately, but that's much newer software than the Desire.
  24. nicka3200

    nicka3200 Well-Known Member

    It's been a while since I last used my Desire. However I distinctly remember that there is a way, if you explore the contacts app settings, to copy your phone sim contacts to the phone and the phone contacts to your Google account.

    I can't remember exactly how but it's along the lines of (from the contacts app) menu>manage contacts>copy contacts
  25. Vpmsae

    Vpmsae New Member

    Gmail will be a good solution to backup your tc contacts, and generally backup tools can only export the files to computer as unreadable format. If you want to preview and share your android data like sms, contact and more files, you can try to use professional android transfer tool. Some can also support WIFI connection, I think it is more effective to backup your HTC phone with it.

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