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How to BACKUP contactsSupport

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  1. Nahid

    Nahid Well-Known Member

    Hi, I am a new user of android. I used Nokia before and then I backed up my contacts and messages via Nokia PC Suite. But I heard that android syncs contact via gmail account automatically. I have set my gmail account and auto sync is active.

    Now my question is if I factory reset my phone then whould gmail account automatically restore my contacts?

    Can I use Kies software to do this. If yes, then how and which version?

    PS: my contacts are saved in phone, neither in SIM nor google account

  2. mitra_jit2005

    mitra_jit2005 Active Member

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  3. atulalvenkar

    atulalvenkar Active Member

    Store all your contacts in your google account you use to log into market. Then enable auto-sync and background data. Once done your phone will be in sync with contacts in google.

    Even when you move to a new android phone all your contacts should migrate automatically.
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  4. jaikrishna

    jaikrishna Active Member

    If your contacts are not in google account then you would lose them on Factory Reset.
    The best and easy way to backup contacts is, In contacts, press menu button > Import/Export > Send namecard via > Select all >Send > Gmail > and send to your own gmail account.

    Yeah, and you can also back up via kies.
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  5. Nahid

    Nahid Well-Known Member

    very thanks to 3 of you. finally I.ve found a safe way. I.ll export to memory card as vcf file which I can save and later I can restore it to both phone and gmail.

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