How to backup data free?

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  1. Cursed Chico

    Cursed Chico Well-Known Member


    I am about to flash new rom so i backed up calendar, sms, calls, all sd card. But i want to backup my applications list, application data (password, history etc )

    So how can i do this without paying applications? Can i copy the file from phone storage?

  2. nu2andy

    nu2andy Well-Known Member

    Hi Cursed Chico, from the FAQ's Manual:

    4 Data Backup and Restoration

    4.1 What data can be backed up on my phone?
    1. Contacts: Back up contacts on your phone Contacts.
    2. Calendar: (use third party applications)
    3. Common data: Via third-party applications.

    4.2 How do I back up and restore contacts in phone Contacts?

    4.2.1 How do I back up contacts to SD card?
    Touch > Contacts > Import/Export > Export to SD card. All contacts in
    Contacts are saved to the root directory in the SD card in .vcf format.

    4.2.2 How do I restore contacts from SD card to phone?
    1. Use a file manager to open the root directory in the SD card. Touch the .vcf files and restore the contacts to Contacts.

    2. Touch > Contacts > Import/Export > Import from SD card. Select the .vcf files to be restored and restore them to Contacts.

    4.3 How do I use third-party applications to synchronize
    1. Download a backup application from Android Market.
    2. Install it on the phone.
    3. Use the application to back up contacts, call logs, text messages, multimedia messages, calendar, bookmarks, alarm, dictionary, music, and third-party applications.

    I use Astro File Manager and All Backup is an App on my phone. Cheers Neil.
  3. DragonSlayer95

    DragonSlayer95 Resident Air Bender Moderator

    Titanium lite version, you can back up apps + data, but when you restore, it has to be done one by one rather than a batch restore.

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  4. nu2andy

    nu2andy Well-Known Member

    Hi dragonslayer95, Thanks for your reply. I've just posted from the FAQ's Manual and if Cursed Chico has a look in PlayStore, he will find something that suits him. ;)
    Each to his own as I found All Backup very "user friendly" and less complicated than Titanium Backup. Cheers Neil.
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  5. nu2andy

    nu2andy Well-Known Member

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  6. rumeli

    rumeli New Member

    Do you need to backup Mobile Phone Data to computer?If you use Android you can use a Android transfer to backup all files from android to comoputer,If you use Mac,you can transfer android Contact,SMS,Music,ect to Mac.

    You can transfer contact list, SMS and call logs between different devices/Computer without missing a beat.
  7. rajmohit94

    rajmohit94 New Member


    I was also facing the some problem and i searched a lot over internet and finally got my answer here is the link of that,hope that you will found it useful.

    due to the new member i am not able to post link here.message me up for the link :) :) :)
  8. JukeBan

    JukeBan New Member

    Hey, to backup data, there are many freeware. You can try Vibosoft Free Data Backup software for windows, I is another automatic backup provider for PC, 100% free, I used it for three months, very nice. It can make identical copy of any volume and backup hard disk to a partition images

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