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How to backup data on phoneSupport

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  1. lburgguy

    lburgguy Well-Known Member

    Is there a way to backup everything on the phone onto my computer? I'd hate to have a software glitch take away all the hours and hours of work I've put into it getting it just so. Thanks.

  2. treven21

    treven21 Well-Known Member

  3. Leslie Ann

    Leslie Ann Well-Known Member Developer

    Many use Titanium Backup or Mybackup Pro. I think MBP has come down to $4.
    Worth every penny.

    If you are rooted, Titanium for root is free, which is what I used for a while, but after trying MBP, I much prefer it. It's not as fast, but easier to grasp and you get an online backup.
  4. wilberfan1

    wilberfan1 Well-Known Member

    I just sprang for Titanium Pro. It doesn't look like it backs up my sdcard? I already lost music & photos earlier this week when the file structure of my sdcard got borked.

    If it DOES back up the sdcard, what is the archive called??
  5. Leslie Ann

    Leslie Ann Well-Known Member Developer

    Backing up the SDcard to the SDcard is rather pointless don't you think. Plus, where else are you going to back it up to? Over the air? Many use a 16 or 32gig card, that would take forever.

    Backup using Titanium, then mount your phone through USB, then copy all of the folders onto a backup folder on your computer.
  6. wilberfan1

    wilberfan1 Well-Known Member

    Yes, it occurred to me this morning that backing up the sdcard to the sdcard would probably tear a hole in the fabric of space/time. And I've been doing exactly as you suggest (mounting the phone, etc)... So, nothing to see here! ;)

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