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  1. famasutika

    famasutika Active Member

    Does anyone know how to backup all the HTC Magic messages, notes & application related data into SD card or to PC?

    Using HTC Sync, I'm able to backup only my contacts.


  2. famasutika

    famasutika Active Member

    Does anyone know any Android Market apps that could backup my SMSs and notes into my SD card?
  3. bighill89

    bighill89 New Member

    SMS Backup by Christoph may interest you. It allows you to transfer your text messages to a Gmail "SMS" label.

    There is also another app that allows you to save applications to SD card instead of internal memory. Don't know the name though, but it definitely exists, google it!
  4. haveaname

    haveaname New Member

  5. Broww

    Broww New Member

  6. RobDickson

    RobDickson Well-Known Member

    Your own app by any chance?
  7. twospirits

    twospirits AF's janitor Moderator

    Members, if you are recommending a program that you have created, please make a note of it in your post, otherwise, it will be considered spam and be dealt accordingly.

  8. RobDickson

    RobDickson Well-Known Member

    I use SMS Backup & Restore by Ritesh Sahu. It seems very good, and the developer is quite helpful.

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