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how to backup to PC? Kies not workingGeneral

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  1. nbsm1

    nbsm1 Member

    Hi there,
    I've just wasted the entire afternoon trying to figure out how to backup all of the stuff on my Samsung Galaxy Ace to my PC. A google search came up with Kies, which I successfully downloaded and installed, but whenever I try to connect my phone (it does read it correctly as GT-S5839i), I get a message saying "unable to connect to GT-S5829i. Failed to retrieve driver information". Tried troubleshoot tool. Also tells me it did its thing successfully, but it doesn't change anything. Restarting PC didn't do the trick, either. Very frustrating. Please help, thanks! (And no, I don't want to root my phone or do anything fancy. Just want to know that if my phone dies on me, I've got somewhere to go to to restore my contacts, sms etc. Anybody know how to do that? Thanks!

  2. ayush29k

    ayush29k Well-Known Member

    You can always sync your contacts, calendar and mail to google, thats a backup in itself.
    Also you can use MyBackup Pro/Lite application to backup all the user data, its easily available on play store. There are many other similar apps for this purpose too.
  3. nbsm1

    nbsm1 Member

    Thanks for this!

    Shall try the Google solution (though I looked at Google Cloud yesterday, and from what I found, it looked as if this was only available for Office files, ie excel, word, ppt.) How would you go about syncing other types of files to Google?

    As the internal memory of this darn phone is SO pathetically small, I can't download any more apps, alas, to do the backup via My Backup Pro/Lite, as you suggested (unless that happens to install onto the SD card? Do you happen to know? I wish the Playstore info told you straight off where the app is going to install.)
  4. ayush29k

    ayush29k Well-Known Member

    What other types of files you need to sync?

    I don't actually know where it installs by default, i use app2ext-partition so for me all apps are installed in sd card, its not a very big app, you can download and check for yourself.
  5. The Fulwell

    The Fulwell Member

    I use Wondershare MobileGo, which is superb imo.

    Particularly handy if you need to do a factory reset or get a new phone, as it can back up all of your apps, then reinstall them in no time at all if required. (works fine with Galaxy Ace, unlike what one of the reviewers stated.)
  6. socrates0

    socrates0 Well-Known Member

    I use 'MyPhoneExplorer' FJ Software Development
    Been using it from the time I was using a Sony Ericsson K750i then migrated to an android Galaxy Ace. I would recommend it for most backups/sync/archiving jobs.

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