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  1. scottiedog

    scottiedog New Member

    My screen broke, but it seems to be functional because I can hear alarm going off. I have a replacement phone (same model) but my yahoo email, gmail, photo, contacts, video, app, etc didn't transfer with SD card and SIM card placement to new phone.

    I want to ...
    1. backup above items that are still on broken phone
    2. move the old data to new phone somehow
    3. delete old phone's data so that I can return it safely

    Without seeing the screen it is impossible to do above things. Help please.

  2. rayhipkiss

    rayhipkiss Well-Known Member

    You should be able to backup your emails by accessing the accounts via the internet on a PC. You should still be able to connect the phone to Kies and be able to retrieve your pictures and videos from their. Whilst your phone is connected to your PC you can use windows explorer to browse the phones folders and locate saved data for your apps which you can transfer to your other phone once you've re-downloaded the apps to the other phone.

    To then wipe the phone you can put it (and your other one) into recovery mode by holding Volume UP + Home + Power button. Then use the volume key to navigate to Wipe data/Factory reset and Wipe cache partition (using your other phone for referrence of the exact number of presses to scroll to the aforementioned items) and press the home button to select.

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  3. scottiedog

    scottiedog New Member

    I have installed Kies to ugrade the phone to 2.2 I think. Let me give it a try. Thanks a bunch.
  4. scottiedog

    scottiedog New Member

    Got problem access Kies. Basically since my screen is cracked and doesn't display, I can't unlock using my pattern then select "Kies" when USB connection wants to connect. I can try connecting using Wifi but I'm afraid that I'm gonna have a same problem because currently my broken phone doesn't have wifi enabled. So without unlocking the screen by pattern, I can't ask the phone to connect to Kies. Is there a way to somehow remote control the phone without any screen and touch action? Thanks.
  5. Mer80cedes

    Mer80cedes New Member


    Same issue here, the phone is locked with custom code and the display is not working. Have you found a solution to this? I am researching to see if maybe there is a program that can be used via PC to reset the entire phone.
  6. amarie82

    amarie82 Guides Guide

    Try lock bypass apps you can download to phone from PC via Google play download a free app, restart phone n walla in phone.

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