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HOW-TO Backup your HTC ErisGeneral

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  1. Caddyman

    Caddyman Well-Known Member

    I am making this thread so I can link to it in the tips and tricks thread. This I think is a much needed topic, there are lots of questions surrounding backups and moreover people have lots of headaches when they neglect to backup their phones then they have some issues that forces them to do a hard reset.

    If you don't have your old phone with contacts, and your contacts aren't backed up on your SD Card, computer, or synced to google when you perform a hard reset your are SOL. This mostly happens to people that go to verizon with their xyz phone and upgrade to Eris, the store hooks it up to the transfer box and transfers your contacts, then you get home, don't sync, install apps, have problems, get forced to do a hard reset, then you no longer have those 1000 contacts you had before.

    Don't be "that guy" backing up is fast and easy.

    Things that are critical:
    YOUR Media like pics you took, etc.

    Not so critical:
    Calendar Stuff
    Other Media

    When you get the phone you should first login to gmail app. This links your phone up with your GOOGLE account.....not just gmail.....you need to do this anyway to use the phone...so do it.

    The "Google" Way (backup contacts, calendar, and gmail)

    Once you are linked up go to your Google Contacts page on your computer. If there is nothing there, you have no backup yet.

    On your phone go to Settings>Data Sync>Google>

    Here you have the option to Sync 3 things, and how they are synched. Gmail, Calendar, Contacts.

    It is up to you how you do this, manually, or automatic. I choose manually cause am a control freak and in my mind it uses less battery then synching all the time.

    If you choose automatic you should see the 3 items jump and start synching, if you choose manually tap each of the 3 and they should sync.

    Once that is done revisit your google contacts page on your PC to make sure you got them all. If you did you will see them online and you no longer worry about losing them. If they aren't there then unfortunately the contacts were not added as "google" contacts but rather "phone" contacts (you can see this in the main list in the "people" app). Advice here to remedy that.

    Calendar and Gmail should be easily synched and you can check that in each app on the phone.

    The Other Way (backup pretty much everything)

    I am going to write this out assuming you are using mybackup pro. I don't work for them, I have used the app, it is nice, and it IS $4.99. But that is a small price to pay (IMO) for the peace of mind you get.

    From the app description: Backup (schedule option) to our online secure server, or SD card, your apps, contacts, call logs, bookmarks, sms/mms, calendar, settings, home shortcuts, alarms, dictionary, music playlists and more. Restore on existing/new phone.

    I am SURE there are free options, I AM SURE in the comments below people will suggest xyz backup app, so check that out if you are so inclined.

    The app should be pretty self explanatory, once you backup to SDcard COPY the contents of the card to a nice little folder on your PC and label it in a way you will recognize. Some people have reported SD Card being wiped while in the phone so don't just leave your backup on the card.

    Other Stuff

    All your apps that you have on your phone should be remembered by your google acct. So if you do a reset they should be waiting to be downloaded and installed in your market app once you get back into your phone.

    Remember, BACKUP! BACKUP! BACKUP! then BACKUP! again! The first time you get a nasty app that forces you to do a factory reset and lose your contacts or something else you will be kicking yourself.

    PLEASE, if anyone has any edits, comments, shortcuts to this process, post here and I can add/edit this post.

  2. -=Jeff=-

    -=Jeff=- Well-Known Member

    is there a way to check within Google on a PC to see what apps you have downloaded etc? my Contacts are all good, need to back-up the rest, although most my music and pictures I have on my PC as well
  3. Caddyman

    Caddyman Well-Known Member

    no i do not think so. you can only see your apps in "my downloads" in the market app. they should reappear in the market app in "my downloads" after a reset when you login to gmail on the phone.
  4. aleis

    aleis Well-Known Member

    i know for people that have android phones, a MUST is mybackuppro! :)
    it even backs up settings!
    not to mention caller log, text and apps.
  5. Yosef

    Yosef Well-Known Member

    If you use mybackup pro to backup all your settings, what will happen when the Android 2.1 update takes place? With a change in the operating system, a restore may not work properly because of various system changes. I'm not saying mybackup pro is not compatible with 2.1, but there will be major changes which may affect the restore function.
  6. Caddyman

    Caddyman Well-Known Member

    i dont see any changes big enough to affect things like messages, contacts, etc....contacts is more a global thing. it probably saves them as a .csv file which can be imported by almost ANY contact/organizer program to be used at any time.

    app compatibility i see being an issue though for sure.
  7. aleis

    aleis Well-Known Member

    good point...cross that bridge when...?
    i know u can set it to restore just your apps.
    in which case that is all i`ll want...though...will all the apps be compatible!?
    i think when we get 2.1...i`ll just take the .apk files and load them one at a time from mybackuppro.
    cause i know im going to be having fun setting up 2.1 with the animated wallpaper!!! :)
    yeah my settings will definitely change :)
  8. cmack

    cmack Well-Known Member

    Just bought mybackup pro thanks to this. It's worth it for the sole purpose of backing up settings. That was one thing blackberry was good for. Thanks caddyman.
  9. doogald

    doogald Guides Guide

    Does MyBackup Pro encrypt things as it backs up? I'm using Mobile Defense to enable a lock and wipe of my phone if it is lost or stolen (yes, I'm a bit paranoid), but there's not much security if it turns out that everything is backed up in the clear on the SD Card.

    I've been using Sprite Backup myself and that does allow encryption (though I haven't tested a restore yet - that's another thing that you really should do to make sure that the backup is really backing things up.)
  10. aleis

    aleis Well-Known Member

    wow thats a really good question!
    and to be honest i do not believe it does.
    can anyone say for a fact it does?
    but wait...they find the phone...its wiped...everything except the SD card...
    well, taking a look at my SD card, its no folder that says "mybackuppro files"
    but, if i dig im sure i could find the data.
    so does someone know for sure?
  11. cmack

    cmack Well-Known Member

    I just Uninstalled mybackup pro because it was keeping my phone awake 100% . Anyone else have this problem?
  12. Solitary

    Solitary Well-Known Member

    When I chose to sync contacts manually, does that mean that it will add all the email entries to my people app?
    I did try syncing the contats and i get a notification that says too many contacts deleted. Any idea what that is?
  13. Droid.eris

    Droid.eris Well-Known Member

    Don't forget about htc Sync
  14. yasikwidit

    yasikwidit Member

    Sorry in advance if the answers to my questions seem too obvious. I'm a new eris user so bare with me.

    How do I sync the contacts that are stored on my "phone" with google? When I first got my eris, I manually added each phone #s by hand and stored them under "phone" and not "google." I've tried syncing my contacts with google, checked google contacts, and all the contacts did not show up. All that were on google contacts were people's emails that I've had from gmail.

    The second part to my question is how does the back up in astro file manager work? does it only back up apps? and not pictures or settings like mybackup pro?
  15. IzelTokatl

    IzelTokatl Well-Known Member

  16. karib

    karib Well-Known Member

    Bought backup pro and I'm all set for the update now :p

    Thanks Caddy!
  17. Mer2112

    Mer2112 Well-Known Member

    When the update happens just run the backup software again to create a fresh backup/image file. Everything will be updated with the new software and settings. Kind of like your home PC for those who use a backup type of software. They're usually set to run once a week or even more often to keep up with the daily changes.

    The things on your phone are changing all the time so I would imagine that you have to create fresh backup "images" once in awhile.
  18. Eris Lover

    Eris Lover Well-Known Member

    Is mybackuppro the most extensive in backing up available?
  19. mattjphoto

    mattjphoto Well-Known Member

    Mybackup just saved my butt. I somehow deleted all my contacted but 6 people. I only have the trial version of the app. I saved my contracts about 3 days ago and then deleted the app. I just reinstalled the app and with in minutes I had all my contacts back. WAHOOOO!
  20. MZPilotGuy

    MZPilotGuy Well-Known Member

    Quick question as I am new to this. my Gmail contacts page got messed up when my Eris was activated (a bunch of duplicated conatcts etc.) All of my contacts in my phone are set as google and set up just as I like them. If I were to delete all of the conacts in gmail and then manually sync. will all of my contacts from my phone transfer over to gmail?
  21. kilofox

    kilofox Well-Known Member

    If all my contacts are "in the cloud" with Gmail, then whats the point of backing them up? I can just resync them right?
  22. cmerrtt

    cmerrtt Well-Known Member

    I just bought MyBackup Pro and wondered if anyone can tell me if there is any advantage to backing up online or only to the SD card?
  23. VonKannick

    VonKannick Well-Known Member

    There is a tool for merging/removing multiple entries on the Gmail web page. It worked perfectly for me, and when it was done my phone reflected the changes.
  24. cmonster

    cmonster Well-Known Member

    I am assuming this means to copy just the zip files that are created when I backed up data and apps respctively. Or do I copy the entire MyBackup folder that is inside /sdcard/reware folder to my PC? I ask because that seems to have a temp folder in it with a bunch of .apk files in it. There is also an empty tempHtml folder in there.

  25. Caddyman

    Caddyman Well-Known Member

    I would copy the whole sd card myself.

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