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How to... be a dev? Beginner in the middle of nowhere...

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  1. mayonaka45

    mayonaka45 Active Member

    Hello, first ill introduce myself. so Ive been in love with linux since my mom got her first linux based phone (palm pre) and then i quickly learned about androids, another os that was also linux based, to the best of my knowledge. Having, as my cousin says, 'abnormal skills' with pcs i decided to search for android rooting and dev. I found this site, been a great help, and it increased my love for androids. Recently though, ive been trying to root a phone. Now i know i can just google the phone and type root and ill find out how. But what im tryingto learn is how to do that myself. What do i need to know to be a dev like playfulgod, mtmichealson, musclenerd and all such people, that can figure out how to root a device and build roms for androids? And possibly where could i learn these things? Sorry if theres already a post like this out there, i couldnt find anything, and sorry for the long post. Thank you for all who answer me.
    Im sorry if this is in the wrong,

  2. Same here. Figure best way to learn is jump in head first lol.
  3. sdrawkcab25

    sdrawkcab25 Well-Known Member

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  4. Thx
  5. mayonaka45

    mayonaka45 Active Member

    Thnk you for the reply,

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