How to be fit using a fitness app

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    Jan 12, 2016
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    Hi guys!
    I've made an app for those who is really passionate about keeping his body in shape and visiting the gym. (Though the newbies can also find it attractive;)). I called it GymBoom.
    That is a great app with detailed excersices descriprion, calendar, timer, supersets, mesurements. You can get all the statictics of your trainings in explicit progress diagram.

    Here is the link of google play with screenshots and the app to download if you are interested -

    Need your feedback. And can answer all your questions here. Appreciate that:)

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    Dec 9, 2015
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    Anti-blue-light technology; when you look at the screen for a long time your eyes won’t feel tired; the screen can block most of the blue light to protect eyes;
    T6 is estimated to be on market in April.
    anti-blue-light phone--vkworld T6.
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    Jun 2, 2015
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    Fitness app development market is flooding with app development companies, making it more and more difficult to identify the genuine company. Health and fitness apps can be divided into three categories according to the type of data they store and manage: fitness activity trackers, nutrition and diet apps, and workout apps. Here more

    I use PlexFit for Pebble I believe it work it helps me to control my body and mind.
    Alongside Pebble's latest update to include Android Wear-style actionable notifications on its smartwatch, it also announced compatibility with Google Fit via the PlexFit app, a fitness tracking app on the Pebble store that logs walking, running, biking and more.

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