How To Bluetooth Ringtones

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  1. anayal8er

    anayal8er New Member

    My question is how do you send ringtones via bluetooth to another phone?? I was able to send videos and pictures to my friend's phone but there was not an option for me to "share" my ringtones, which in my opinion defeats the purpose of bluetooth all together because that's what I used it for the most on my HTC Touch Pro 2.


  2. suXor

    suXor Well-Known Member

    It is best to find an application on the market that has a more robust file management function. Something like Astro. However, ring tones downloaded from Tone Room may not be able to be transferred due to DRM.
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  3. anayal8er

    anayal8er New Member

    Astro didn't work for me but I found an app that kinda does, so thanks a lot for putting that name out there for me because it got me searching, I still think it sucks that the bluetooth on the phone itself isnt good enough but oh well, thanks again.
  4. rasmith3530

    rasmith3530 Well-Known Member

    My guess is that Google does not want to run afoul of DRM (Digital Rights Management) laws, hence the inability to Bluetooth tones. Having seen plain ordinary citizens fined many thousands of dollars over this touchy subject, I can just imagine what a legal field day would be had, and how costly it would be, if Google had to lock horns with the likes of the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) to satisfy your desires. Shame on them for not wanting to do this! ;-)

    I get around this by creating my own ringtones, using an Open Source sound editing application that I have installed on my Linux-based PC, and then uploading the tones to a Ringtones or Notifications directory that I created on the root of my memory card, using the USB cable supplied with the phone.

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