How to bypass activation on a Samsung Illusion on VerizonTips

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  1. graybison

    graybison New Member

    To bypass activation on a factory new Samsung Illusion, slide puzzle piece to unlock screen; select language on screen and press next; on the next screen, choose emergency call button instead of activate, then on the dialer, enter *#83786633, which unlocks softkeys by showing a popup notice; then press the Home key to go to Home screen. From there you can navigate to Apps --> Settings --> Wireless & networks to set up your wi-fi.

    Many thanx to all those who have blazed the trail with suggestions on how to bypass activation on earlier Samsung Android phones, esp. with the Fascinate!

  2. MaxxRazr

    MaxxRazr New Member

    I have a question. I was able to bypass the activation screen by using *#83786633, but every time I turn on the phone it requires me to do it again. I looked for a CyanogenMod, but there's no build for this device. Is there any way to bypass the activation in a way so that it will not require entering the code every time I want to turn on the device? I'm trying to set it up to use it as an mp3 music player.
  3. Motorhead1991

    Motorhead1991 Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately I don't have an aswer to your question, but this devoce didn't have CWM either until a few months ago... I'm working on CM but I need to straighten the kernel first.
  4. Coconutgirl

    Coconutgirl New Member

    I tried doing this on my phone and nothing happened. I then tried powering it off then back on. I was able to type in the code you provided and received the little notice "softkey is enabled". But hitting the home button did not take me to the home page. It took me back to the main screen asking for my password. What do I do?
  5. Mattleonard

    Mattleonard New Member

    I have a Samsung I110 Illusion that hasn't been activated in months. I can use the phone in airplane mode, which lets me connect using a wifi signal. All of the phone's features work, except for making calls. I actually prefer it this way! :)

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