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How to bypass the lock screen?Support

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  1. mkilci1

    mkilci1 Well-Known Member

    Hello everyone,

    I have lotus notes traveler installed on a non rooted atrix. Our it department pushes a policy to luck the phone every time turned off. I although fingers print scanner is great still annoying.

    Anyway to override the settings so it doesn't lock. They also disable pattern lock too. Thanks.

  2. teh_dude

    teh_dude Well-Known Member

    I'm having a hard time understanding everything you've said, but I get the basic idea that you don't want to have to do something to "unlock" the phone every time you turn the screen on. As far as I know, there's no way to get around this, and it has nothing to do with your company. You say they disable the lock pattern...do you want to use a lock pattern, or do you not want to use it?
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  3. mkilci1

    mkilci1 Well-Known Member

    Sorry, I wasnt clear.

    When I turn the phone off (not powerdown, off by using the power button or when the screen times out), everytime I turn it back on, it is on the lock screen. I have to either swipe the unlock icon and put in a 4 digit passcode or use the finger print scanner.

    I want to bypass that and when I turn the phone on go straight to the main screen. Usually that is done under Settings/Location and Security/Change screen lock/None. That option is grayed out by the policy pushed as well as the Pattern. both options say "Disabled by remote phone administrator".

  4. skins30

    skins30 Active Member

    there is an app called "no lock" in the market. download it, and then open the app and click the middle to say locking disabled.
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  5. teh_dude

    teh_dude Well-Known Member

    Thank you for the clarification.

    Fingerprint scanner? COOL! hehe. If you choose "None", then you will still have to swipe the unlock bar/icon/whatever. I just tried the "no lock" app, and it does exactly that, disables any locking. I'll have to try it over a day's course to see if it's doing anything odd like preventing the phone from sleeping or something.

    You might consider that they have that policy for a reason though. If it's a corporate phone, and someone else gets a hold of it, you're liable if private company data gets in the wrong hands.

    You also might consider that there's a chance that buttons will get pressed while the phone's in your pocket. Once the screen is awake, your pocket is not a good enough barrier between the screen and your leg, and you'll end up taking your phone out of your pocket wondering why settings are changed, why you've called people, and why your battery is almost dead.

    Everyone's situation is different, but it's worth considering both sides.
  6. fixpcny

    fixpcny Member

    Settings ->Locations and security->Device Administrators - Uncheck Mail
    Worked for me
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