how to change boot screen

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  1. sahilg009

    sahilg009 Active Member

    so i have a galaxy pop and want to get a way to change my samsung boot image and is it safe

  2. kalikool123

    kalikool123 Well-Known Member

    Boot animation for galaxy fit/mini (root only)

    1. Using any root explorer app, rename (or delete, just make sure you have a backup)
    the 'samsungani' file to located in /system/bin

    2. Rename the file 'bootanimation' (also located in /system/bin) to 'samsungani'

    3. Now put the of your choice in /system/media folder

    In some cases the samsungani will not be available so replace with samsungloop

    The bootanimation files are there on the net, just google it for your phone, it doesnt matter if it isnt exactly for your device, only the resolution matters, i.e. 240x320
    nothing will happen like bricking your phone, the maximum failure is just booting your device with a blank bootscreen.
    In that case just restore your backup files :D

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