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  1. pieq314

    pieq314 Well-Known Member

    Hi all,

    My workplace email (MS exchange server) password was changed. Now, I cannot connect to the exchange server to synch emails (and calendar and contacts) because the password is no long correct. I tried to change the password on the email client, but cannot find where to change it (I did find "Account Settings" but it does not have a place for changing the email password).

    Any help will be appreciated!!!!

  2. pieq314

    pieq314 Well-Known Member

    Update: Under "Account settings", there is "incoming settings" in the "Server settins" group, and I was able to change the password there.
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  3. manirj

    manirj New Member

    The answer was precise, and I am able to change the password.
  4. mindfulmarketi

    mindfulmarketi New Member

    Go to the "Settings" page for the email account in question, then under "Serve Settings" select Exchange Server Settings.
  5. somebody87

    somebody87 New Member

    I have given myself major headaches trying to figure it out - I have an email client through my college that requires passwords to get changed periodically - but it's just sort of hidden. In the email client hit the menu button, select more, and go to account settings and then select incoming (or outoging) settings and your address and password can be changed from there.

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