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How to change IMEI# on unlocked and rooted captivate?

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  1. sejig23

    sejig23 New Member

    Hi Everyone,

    I got AT&T Samsung Captivate i897 (2.1 Eclair). I unlocked and rooted my phone. I was using simple free phone earlier which doesn't require data plan but after two weeks I bought samsung captivate, AT&T added $25 data plan. I got my phone from AT&T store where my friend works so he took my data plan out of the plan for now but he said they will find out and add into your plan again. Also, He said that they recognize by your IMEI number.

    My question is: Is there anyway I can change my IMEI number? I was thinking to use my simple free Nokia phone's IMEI number and use it for Samsung Captivate so AT&T thinks that I am using Nokia phone.

    Is it possible? Will me much appreciated if someone can help me.


  2. NorCal Einstein

    NorCal Einstein Well-Known Member

    There is no way to change your IMEI. You'll have to stay on top of you bill and monitor this. I would also call into AT&T and have them remove the data plan rather than visiting the AT&T store. I have some family members using old smartphones without data plans and this has happened to them as well. Calling in seems to keep AT&T at bay for a few months, but then it pops up again.
  3. sejig23

    sejig23 New Member

    Thanks Einstein, I heard the same thing from one of my cousin. He said, the store people have ability to take your data plan out but withing 2 weeks, AT&T will again add data plan into your account. So finally, my cousin switch to T-mobile but he is using same phone by unlocking it...so he is good now cuz T-mobile doesn't require data plan for this phone... I am thinking the same.... I wish someone can find a loophole.
  4. james27007

    james27007 Look into my Eye VIP Member

    2 things,

    1. Under your AT&T use agreement (even if you have a 2 year contract or not) if you have a smart phone, they will add data as they say it is required. You can call and get it removed but it is going to be a fight every few weeks untill you no longer use the captivate. I don't know how to stop it, sorry.

    2. ALSO in reguards to changing the IMEI; Changing your IMEI is against the law in most countries, so to keep everything in the forums clean, please stay away from that subject.

    [EDIT] more info changing the IMEI of a cellular unit in the USA is a Class C felony, sooooo... .
  5. Kelmar

    Kelmar Done by choice VIP Member

    Well said.

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