how to change language from german to english?

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  1. mayur03

    mayur03 New Member

    hi, i bought a htc legend about 4 months ago, came with eclair, language was english, used it till today and didnt have any problems, then i upgraded it to froyo and the language changed to german?! when i click on "einstellungen" (settings)...then "sprachein-&-ausgabe"...and then "sprachekennungseinstellungen"...and then "sprache" gives me a list of languages, i click english, the menu goes away and nothing changes? If i factory reset it and pick english on the first screen, it sticks to german...if i try the above steps (which i got from another thread) same thing happens and nothing changes to english :(
    i dont want german...i want english :D
    someone out there...please help me :(

    Edit: FIXED!!!

    for all the people that are having the same problem, go to the regional settings option and pick english :D

  2. chandan26

    chandan26 New Member

    But how do I even navigate to "regional settings"?? Can you describe step by step (In german :)) please? Thanks.

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