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  1. babajaga

    babajaga New Member

    I just received my Gio back from repairs (warranty), because GPS never worked. Also some firmware update was done, don't know which, because they also changed the language settings to POLISH (I am German). Can anybody describe me, how to set another language ?
    Description must tbe somehow icon based, or like "3rd entry in list" or similar, because I can not interpret any written text :)
    Otherwise I will have to return the device again for repairs.

  2. puiusoft

    puiusoft New Member

  3. FrizzleZA

    FrizzleZA Member

    Text-based instructions:
    1. Left menu button
    2. Cog (Settings)
    3. Block with "A" (Locale and text)
    4. First option (Language)
    5. Deutsch should be third or so on your list.
    Click on it and it will auto-apply.
  4. babajaga

    babajaga New Member

    That did it !
  5. doneh

    doneh New Member

    my android tablet never stop in loading to its window,what can i do?, please help me....thanks
  6. ve7007

    ve7007 New Member

    I have a samsung galaxy 2. And I write hungarian and slovakian, and auto corrects make it go back to english. I dont have the option to choose those languages. Is there a language pack? How can I get those languages on my phone??

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