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  1. ckupsco

    ckupsco Member

    How do you change the launcher from the pantech to the default gingerbread one. All the reviews say you can do it, but i can't figure it out for the life of me. Thanks

  2. sthrnsqrl

    sthrnsqrl Active Member

    I installed a 3rd launcher, and didn't care for it, but when I installed it, the first time I clicked the home icon, it gave me three options to choose from: Pantech, Gingerbread, and the third. Yes, it's a roundabout way to get to it, but for now, it's the only way I can say for sure works.

    Hope this helps.

  3. ckupsco

    ckupsco Member

    Thanks I actually figured it out too. If you go to manage applications and then clear defaults on "pantech home" then the next time you hit home you can pick between "launcher" (std. GB) or Pantech Home.
  4. IndyRoadie

    IndyRoadie Well-Known Member

    I good free app to have is "Home Switcher". It makes it easy to select between your launchers..

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