How to Change Lockscreen Wallpapers

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  1. PRallday168

    PRallday168 Well-Known Member

    This is my guide on how to change the lockscreen wallpaper for 7.4.1!


    What i used..
    1.7zip - 7-Zip
    2.Windows 7
    3.ES File Explorer from amazon market place

    lets get right into it..

    1.You will need good resolution pictures

    recommended size: portrait: 600x1024 and landscape: 1024x600

    1.5.Open ES File Explorer

    2.navigate to system/framework/

    3.Make a copy of your framework-res.apk and put it on your SD card in a safe folder. can take another copy or the copy that you put on the SD card and put it on your desktop. the apk with 7zip and navigate to framework-res.apk\res\raw-hdpi\
    (this is where your portrait & landscape pictures go) rename your own pictures accordingly to each picture in res\raw-hdpi\ and when done drag all of your images ontop of those in that folder and replace the originals.

    7.once done exit and save. place the framework-res.apk back into your kindles SD

    9.copy from SD and paste in /system hold the apk and bring up the menu and go down to properties then change permissions to rw - r - r copy again and paste in framework/ and copy over the original apk. will probably be laggy and reboot. which is fine,
    if not hold power button to manually reboot. should now have your custom lockscreen pictures.

    Thanks to Djscott79 for figuring out the location of the REAL
    folder for the Lockscreen pics and also renaming my original Space pics
    provided below!

    Space Pics


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  2. djscott79

    djscott79 Active Member

    i was just the other day thinking if i can (or if they do them-self) update and change the lockscreen pics
    thanks for this ill have a little look at the zip you posted and have a play with some of my own
  3. djscott79

    djscott79 Active Member

    just tried to do this following your tut and using the pics you posted but i think amazion might of changed locations or something
    i have found the "framework-res.apk\res\raw-hdpi\" path but there is no "framework-res.apk\res\raw-land-hdpi\"

    so for now im stuck with the stock pictures
    or maybe its just the launcher im using, no idea what its called but i got it from here
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  4. PRallday168

    PRallday168 Well-Known Member

    hmm, give me some time. im downloading the 7.4.1 update now and ill take a look at the framework and locate the correct path.
  5. PRallday168

    PRallday168 Well-Known Member

    It seems as though the new update has combined Portrait and Landscape Lockscreen pictures in the same folder located in framework-res.apk\res\raw .!

    So! a little more work would have to be done.. such as renaming the pictures that you want with the names of the pictures you see in RAW folder. Also, if its a portrait picture itll have the p at the end and if its landscape itll have the l at the end like such



    ill update OP with 7.4.1 instructions and custom pics when i put it together :D

    Hope this helps !
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  6. djscott79

    djscott79 Active Member

    you are a star thank you
    im glad someone out there knows what there doing lol
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  7. PRallday168

    PRallday168 Well-Known Member

    haha! no problem!. ive noticed another folder with the lockscreen wallpapers but they are a higher resolution and i have no clue what theyre for lol.

    hopefully they dont interact with the RAW folder pics.
  8. djscott79

    djscott79 Active Member

    yeah i saw the second folder too (but only because of the size on the info section) and thats why i was confused as to the locations in your tut
    im gonna have a play with different pics and make sure i get the names correct and the locations and stuff of the pics just to have a play lol
  9. djscott79

    djscott79 Active Member


    IM A TWAT....
    i just looked at your tut and saw you said it is the images in the raw-hdpi location so the images in the "raw" location i should of left alone FFS lol
    this is why i stopped flashing xbox360's PMSL
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  10. djscott79

    djscott79 Active Member

    me again lol
    right, after a trial and error i have done it (at last)
    i have took the liberty of renaming your images and i have uploaded them for you to download and put them on whatever file host you use

    there is no separate portrait/landscape folders as both sets of images go in the same "raw-hdpi" location as the begining of each image has ether a p or an l (depending on portrait/landscape) so for your tut just delete #7 and maybe reword #6 if you feel it needs it, otherwise it is just a case of renaming all of the images and dropping them in the raw-hdpi location

    here is the renamed images
    space images KFHD.rar

    hope that helps in some way

    one last question,
    is there a good site to get hi-res images or is it just a google search and pick images that look good
    i might get some collections together and make a thread for people to download them too use
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  11. PRallday168

    PRallday168 Well-Known Member

    im confused lol! in post 4 i said that both landscape and portrait are in same folder. The RAW folder. is it different in your framework-res.apk ?
  12. PRallday168

    PRallday168 Well-Known Member

    This is awesome! ill link this to the OP!!

    Took a look at he pics and im not sure if theyre renamed correctly.

    in my RAW folder they look like this:



    and the pics you sent me look like this



    hmm.. am i missing something ? :confused::confused:
  13. djscott79

    djscott79 Active Member

    that was in my big wall of text i deleted, ill try and make some sense of what i put and try again

    right in the framework apk there are 2 locations where the images are:



    the images in the \res\raw\ folder are named "k2_arhm_p.jpg" & "k2_arhm_l.jpg" (i think the original file names start with xi_ but stupid me played around with the backup i made so i didnt have to connect my KF to my lappy so i have no record of what they were named)

    the images in the \res\raw-hdpi\ folder are named "parhm.jpg" & "larhm.jpg"

    the first thing i did was to change the images in the \res\raw\ folder from the stock to the space images ("k2_arhm_p.jpg" & "k2_arhm_l.jpg") but this did nothing when put back onto the KF as when it restarted its self the stock images were still showing (turned the screen off and on many times but still only saw the stock images even tho the images were the space ones)
    so i put the original images back into that location

    my next step was to read your tut and see that you said originally the change the images in the raw/hd-pi/ folder but all of the images in there are simply named "parhm.jpg" & "larhm.jpg" so i renamed the space pics to the same names as in the hd-pi folder (and left the stock images in the /raw/ folder) i put it back on the kindle once it restarted the stock pics were no more and the space images were there in there place

    i took the framework apk off of the kindle to check them and the stock images are still in the /raw/ folder and the space images are in the /raw/hd-pi folder

    so i have no idea what the images in the /raw/ folder actually do
    here is the framework apk that is on my KF now with working space images so if you have time you can check the paths to make sure what ive just put makes sense

    so as far as i can guess its just the images in the hd-pi folder with the shorter names that need changing and not the ones in the raw with the longer names

    now all this is just from what i have found with the new 7.4.1 update, i never tried to do this before so i have no idea how it was all set up and what needed changing

    my next task is to see what happens if i delete all of the images and just drop some random ones in there with random names (but keeping the p & l in front of the names for orientation)
    or is there a reason we have to keep the original names???
    ok just tried dropping random named images and it just shows a black screen instead of a pic on the lockscreen so thats not changed lol
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  14. PRallday168

    PRallday168 Well-Known Member

    AHH! i see now ! haha. so the changing the pics in RAW folder had no effect on lockscreen pics. but from my OP, changing the pics in raw-hdpi made the change in lockscreen pics! Gotcha;).

    now as far as deleting the pics and putting your own would just end up bad lol. but youve already figured that out. i wish it was as simple as delete, cut, and paste but in order to do that we would have to do some editing in an .xml file to add new wallpapers and then properly recompile the apk. :D
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  15. PRallday168

    PRallday168 Well-Known Member

    Updated OP!:D:D
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  16. PRallday168

    PRallday168 Well-Known Member

    i used google for all of mine lol . what i did was just clicked search tools, Size, and the correct resolution. what i also did was put HD at the end of my search lol .
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  17. djscott79

    djscott79 Active Member

    awesome just had a quick read of the updated tut and its spot on
    (thanks for the credit too)

    i just managed to change my lock screen images so i wont even attempt to try (or even know how) to edit an .xml file.............. yet

    im slowly compiling a few folders full of images i find from google but im in no rush yet but once i find enough images for each folder and rename all the images and upload them ill make a post so ppl can download and link to your tut for a how too

    right im off to admire my lockscreen images
    thanks for your help
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  18. benjamines

    benjamines New Member

    Great tutorial, OP!

    Possibly dumb question: Does the device need to be rooted for this to work?
  19. PRallday168

    PRallday168 Well-Known Member

    Yes it needs to be rooted but make sure your device is a tate 2012 model !

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