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How to change market payment method

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  1. mihalich

    mihalich Well-Known Member

    Anyone know if there is a way to change your payment info for the android market app?

    Is this an automatic thing where if you try to buy something and your credit card you entered last time is expired, it will automatically ask you for new info?

    Anyway, i can't find a place to go to change the info. The market help page was no help.


  2. I went through this a few weeks back after a small bout of identity theft. All of your account settings can be modified through your user profile on the Google home page. Just go to Google.com and hit the pulldown "settings" and then "Google Account Settings". To change your default payment method for the market go to "Checkout".
  3. wsalopek

    wsalopek Member

  4. GoNavy

    GoNavy Active Member

    I just went through this as well, hadn't used that Google payment since 2009..lol..to expand a bit, it is a little confusing there is Google Service and Google Wallet. To have a Google Wallet account you need to be on the Sprint network or have CitiBank Visa. Google Service is as mentioned above from your Google Account edit payment option. Here is where it gets WEIRD, Play Store uses Google Wallet, unless you don't have a Google Wallet account, it uses your Google Service account...go figure ...lol...why they don't just merge them two, who knows, wish they would so I could download and use the Google Wallet app. looks like it will be kinda cool app to have.

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