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How to change orientation for AVD?

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  1. justme2013

    justme2013 Member


    Sorry to bug the forum. What I want to do is to change the default Portrait to Landscape.

    I have one AVD setup using fwvga device, I went to Setings -> Display, only saw Auto-rotate screen checked (by default), unchecked, it does not help.

    I'm testing out a web app. It works but if the orientation changes to Landscape it would work better.

    Well, I may try another AVD then...

    Thanks in advance.

  2. uchat

    uchat Member

    try Ctrl-F12
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  3. justme2013

    justme2013 Member

    Ok, guys, I just tried, ctrl + f12, indeed, it changed the orientation for the AVD (fwvga device in this case), BUT, the function orientation does not change, that is, for instance, google search is still in Portrait mode, same goes for menu, apps etc. Is it a bug in ADT or am I supposed to so something else after pressin ctrl + f12 ?

  4. fallendiety

    fallendiety Well-Known Member

    @justme2013 - ADT is unfortunately not that awesome. Do you have the latest version? I generally hold down CTRL and ALT and mash the upper F9 to F12 keys until it flips. And it usually works (including search).
  5. justme2013

    justme2013 Member

    Thanks for the advice, by doing that I also made my own laptop change its orientation, but in the end, some screen is now in Landscape, I hope ADT is constantly and dynamically improving...

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