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How to change permissions on a system app?

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  1. wilemonhunter

    wilemonhunter Well-Known Member

    I have downloaded a system app, but it fails to install, someone to me I need to change the permissions on it? I have purchased root explorer from the market, but now what do I do to change the permissions?

  2. jmar

    jmar Nexican VIP Member

    Navigate to file location of the file. Change your mount permissions by toggling R/W. Long press the file. Select Permissions. Change Permissions to your liking. Profit!
  3. wilemonhunter

    wilemonhunter Well-Known Member

    Okay, there's 3 rows and 3 columns, do I check them all?
  4. jmar

    jmar Nexican VIP Member

  5. bart2201

    bart2201 Well-Known Member

    I suggest you do the homework about how changing permissions on a system app may affect your device. Also make sure you have a full backup ready to go to if needed. Just a word of caution.
  6. manuprakash87

    manuprakash87 New Member

    hi all, pls let me know if there is any other file manager(free), through which i can alter permissions...
  7. Killah1994

    Killah1994 Well-Known Member

    Root explorer, this might not be free but its the only and best file manager for android (my opinion) ...if you want something that could do the job you gotta pay for it.;)

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