How to change Photon Splash Screen?

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  1. KB1616

    KB1616 Well-Known Member

    Can anyone give step-by-step instructions on how to change the Splash Screen? I'm tired of looking at that Motorola image...Thanks in advance! I saw the thread for the Evo, but wasn't sure that would work here.

    Just an update: I tried using the method described in the aforementioned thread - Didn't work...didn't think it would either, Photon froze during install, pulled battery, and it booted as normal (update didn't work and Motorola red dot was still there)

    Does ANYONE have a custom splash for the Photon yet?


  2. ScandaLeX

    ScandaLeX Wasn't Me

    Is your Photon rooted?
  3. KB1616

    KB1616 Well-Known Member

    Yup! I was able to change my bootanimation.
  4. drexappeal

    drexappeal Well-Known Member

    Sorry, still a rooting newb and highly considering it now...

    What exactly can you put on the boot screen? Can you use any kind of animation or video? I'm assuming sound can be changed for sure.
  5. KB1616

    KB1616 Well-Known Member

    Hey, I had posted on XDA about splash screens as well (or as they liked to call it boot logos) and they linked me to a thread about it when used on the Atrix. It supposedly works the same for the Photon, but I've yet to try it. I'll keep you guys updated. The boot logo is just the Motorola image with the Dual Core copy underneath, the bootanimation (which happens after the boot logo) is essentially a series of pictures, not movies, that will play like a flip animation. If you unzip the bootanimation file under /system/media, you'll have a better idea.
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  6. drexappeal

    drexappeal Well-Known Member

    That's pretty cool, so assuming I'm rooted, if I were to take images from a video (in a flip animation type format...e.g., frame-by-frame), and replace the boot animation with those images, that's what would play on the boot animation?

    Sounds too simple. Do you have a link to that thread still? I'd love to read up on it a little bit.
  7. KB1616

    KB1616 Well-Known Member

    The best thing is: it IS that simple! Please read the following and check out the files I've attached at the bottom. I'm a San Jose Sharks that's was my boot logo. (taken from XDA - MUCH THANKS to thewarhawk, justforflashing, and M@XLOL)

    FOR BOOT LOGO (prior to bootanimation)

    What you'll need:
    Image Editor - I used Photoshop
    Binary Editor (I used FHRED -- it's free)
    The included logo-header

    Creating Your Logo

    First: Open up your image editor, and make your boot image the dimensions must be 540x960. Important: you must flip the image vertically.

    Second: Save your boot logo as a .BMP file, but it must be saved in 565 format. To do this in photoshop, save as the BMP file, then when the extra options come up push the advanced modes button, and select the R5 G6 B5 option.

    Third: Open up the .BMP file with your binary editor and delete the first 70 Bits (pairs of numbers), and the last 2 bits (with FHRED, just highlight and hit delete

    Fourth: Copy the header from the attached bin file and paste it at the top of your bin. Your file should be 1036820 bits. Save as logo.bin.

    Applying a Logo

    Fifth Unzip fastboot and move your logo.bin to the same directory.

    Sixth: put your phone in fastboot by booting the phone holding the volume down, and then once you see fastboot on the screen, press voume up. connect your phone and open command prompt and use the cd command to navigate to where your fastboot and logo.bin is and enter:
    fastboot flash logo logo.bin
    fastboot reboot

    Disclaimer: I am in no way responsible for any misfortunes in your life including, but not limited to: death, taxes, or bricked phones


    Step 1: Create a series of images that will be your animation. Dimensions (540x960) and name each of them in sequential order. I used _00001.jpg as the numbering method. I ended up going up to _00010.jpg and then looped the animation.

    Step 2: You'll need to edit the desc.txt so it'll play your animation as you want. When you open it, there are lines that describe everything. I just haven't figured out where to put the sounds...(I prefer that my phone load up silent anyway...) If you notice, in the text, you can call out specific folders (which you can rename to anything..I've kept it as sprint had). In the file it'll show you how to loop the animation (repeat count) I've chosen 0 for the animation part so it'll loop until the phone completely boots. You can keep playing around with timing and frames/ you can essentially make a movie out of it.

    Step 3: Zip your folders containing your images and your desc.txt in one .zip file. DO NOT COMPRESS IT. When saving it choose STORE as the compression mode. Name this file and save to your SD-Card on your phone

    Step 4: Using Root Explorer, go into System/Media. Click on Mount as R/W. Then rename the current to to save it if you want. Next, move the you created into that /media folder. You'll need to change the permissions by long pressing the file.

    It should be:
    Owner: Read and Write are selected
    Group: Read selected
    Others: Read Selected

    Click OK

    Step 5: Reboot!

    You can check out the bootanimation I made. Again, I'm a Sharks fan, and didn't want to make it too I just made the eyes light up.


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  8. mkvoran

    mkvoran Well-Known Member

    Good stuff. As soon as i sort out some other issues with the phone, i am doing this. Thanks for the detailed post.....
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  9. KB1616

    KB1616 Well-Known Member

    Not that I would be able to help, but what other issues are you having?
  10. maximumdroid

    maximumdroid New Member

    Hi New to the photon 4G and rooting. I already rooted the Photon and want to install a boot animation. I already install the boot animation and it works perfect but I can not get the sound to work with animation. Is the photon capable of playing sound during animation. The animation I install is the one with the Killer-Droid-Destroys-Apple-boot-audio, it has the sound un a zip I have unzip in all the folder locations that I can think of. The only way I got the animation to work was to copy and paste to data\local. I have install the sound on the system\media, system\media\audio, in audio on all sub folders and at data\local folder. One thing I notices is the desc.text file has the following script:

    480 800 200
    p 1 0 part0
    p 0 0 part1

    I tried to write one with the following:

    480 800 200
    p 1 0 part0
    s SPC_animation_final.mp3
    p 0 0 part1

    I got the Idea from another boot sound for the same boot animation, but that one has a script that will not load or play:

    It plays on the Touch 4G

    540 960 200

    p 1 0 part0
    s bootfx.mp3

    p 0 0 part1

    I tried it with the all spacings and no luck, I am hoping that somebody guides me in the right direction, or Am I out of Luck and the Photon will not play boot animation sounds.

    Thanks for any help or advice.
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  11. temporary01

    temporary01 New Member

    Ah finally got it. Now I gotta find fastboot elsewhere

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